T-Minus One Hour(ish)

In about one hour the clock will strike 12am and I’ll be 18.


I’m so excited…

Not Really excited at all actually. Just another day full of the things that need to be done and will be done.

I’ll be awake in the morning at the DPS standing in a line. Just waiting until 8am rolls around and they let me renew my license and get on my merry way.

I might actually keep up with this blog this time…I really honestly think I will.

It’s going to be my birthday wish/command to myself. 

Maybe… We shall see if it comes out that way. I’ve tired this before with Tumblr…and to be honest I just never have the time. But maybe I will this time. Take a few hours to sit down and actually type everything up. I write a lot of this in my journal anyway. Then again, my journal can’t be read by anyone but me ( ok so maybe I can’t even read it sometimes).

I’m going to go ahead and head off to bed now. Tomorrow is a new day and a great day it shall be.


P.s. I’m not just doing this because I’m bored out of mind sometimes. I really actually have a ton of stuff to do…just writing helps me release so that’s what I shall be doing. I hope you join me.




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