Legit Status


I’m now 18 and registered to vote.

Watch out world! This guy is well..he’s himself.

I don’t think I’ve had a better birthday than today.

Started out the day going to the DPS. Naturally, I’m the weird one that gets there at 5am…(the office opens at 8am) I sat in my car…checking my Facebook and updating my status and what not. Oh and texted Alex and some other people.  Oh and of course listened to music. I kinda threw myself a one man party and just went crazy singing (rather trying to sing) and dancing in my car.  At around 6:40ish two older gentleman came up and I decided I might as well get outside and have a little small talk with them. Ended up the older of the two is from New York, and he talked about snow and hunting and a lot of other great stories. This is why I love journalism. Always a story no matter where you are.  So we stood there and more people came and got into line. Now, let me just say this. IT WAS COLD and I mean really really really cold…well at least to me. So anyway, yatta yatta point is I got my license renewed, and I don’t have to go back until 11/30/2017…yay.


Got to school, went to 1st period, was met with bunch of birthday wishes, (Thank you all) 3rd period was a test for AQR…so it was pretty easy.


5th period… I know I haven’t mentioned this before, but 4th and 5th period are my JVTV classes. I love JVTV and the people in the program. I’ll write more about JVTV this weekend…if I have time)


Just noticed the clock I have like 4 minutes to write the rest of this if I want it to post by today….oh well. Looks like we’re welcoming in December today.


Back to 5th period…at first I thought I was safe and no one was going to sing (Singing Happy Birthday in Public is illegal, it’s under copyright still) and I got away with it…and then Stoker (our teacher) pointed it back out and all of sudden it’s really loud. But it was very nice and thoughtful.  I went back to work editing, and a few minutes latter someone comes up behind me and starts (painfully) doing that weird thing to my shoulders that’s supposed to relax you…and then singing that song again. Now I doubt Trevor will actually ever read this, so I should be safe to say that it was quite nice of him. and it really did relax me a little…until he kept doing it over and over again. Trevor was my mentee last year, and I always mess with him about stuff, but he’s come a long way from the quiet freshman I met last year.  Class went on and then of course Tryton came in and he sung the song during lunch. Which again was really nice.

I’m gonna take a second to address something here that I noticed.  Doing it in a later post

So yeah. I have an awesome family in JVTV, and I can’t thank them enough for everything.

I really wish I could type every detail…but I’m not going to.

So during 7th period I put up the tree in the studio. (hopefully this is something I’ll do when I grow up…put up the tree on my birthday every year. I might not believe in the religion, but I love everything about it )

So yeah…got some stuff done.

Megan, Allyson, Krislyn, Sarah, and Leslie are all getting their own post later today about all the awesome stuff they gave me.

But for now, I end with this – (this is Megan and Allyson’s gift that Sarah helped with. By the way Krislyn, my room is back to the way it used to be thanks to your gift)


I also bought myself that reindeer kit for my car.  ( the one that antlers and a red nose you can put on your car)






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