Moving on

Last post was letting go, and now it’s moving on. I’m in a writing mood tonight I guess.

Being a senior is bitter sweet,  just when I’ve got the hang of everything, it’s time to pack up and let the next generation move in. (Even if they are stinky sophomores)

What really caused me to write this was looking at the photos from JVTV’s open house last week. Every single one of those people became someone after High School. They moved on let the new generation ( like mine) move in and do what they had planned. I look at the faces and I’m awestruck at what life really is.  In my head right now it’s a big whirlwind of crazy thoughts of how everything relates together. But of course it’s being drowned out by M83’s song Midnight.

I’m scared to leave. Scared to leave behind everything I’ve helped to build. But, that’s life you know? Kinda like a house, architects & builders build the house, we live in the house,  we do what we want to it, we eventually move out sometime, and let someone else repeat the process.

Now, those builders proabably don’t care about the 2nd house they’ve built out of the 100 ordered in a certain area, but for the purpose of this, I’m going to assume they do. (Let’s just say it’s one of those houses on Extreme Makeover ok? Ty cares about the house)

Just like Ty, I care about the program my generation helped to build up to what it is. I worry about things, a lot actually. But in the end, somewhere deep down, I know it’s going to be ok.

Since the start of this year, I’ve been paying more attention to the sophomores, and I can’t even begin to describe how proud of them I am. Hopefully none of them read this because they’re still being watched closely. But one of them in particular I’m quite proud of.  He can be the biggest annoyance in the world, but he’s grown from when I first met him. It’s quite natural of course to grow up as you get older, but knowing that I’m leaving next year, and this kids still gonna be here, it’s not only rewarding, it’s reassuring.

I trust him and the other amazing young men and women to carry on and make it even bigger than I could have dreamed of.  (Although I can dream big, so I don’t know how big they can get haha)

Of course, they can’t mess up too much anyway, they’ve got a great teacher to guide them and keep them in line.

With that being said, next semester is time for me to plant the last trees, polish the counter tops, and move in the furniture. Come May, the keys will be handed over….and I’m not worried anymore.  Only .1%  worried…

So yeah. Writing this all just put me on the verge of tears….happy and sad. But mostly happy. Only .1% sad.




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