I HATE screaming

I’m around screaming 24/7 when it’s a break or a holiday or even a weekend…just plainly when I’m back home. I don’t think my parents and brother know how to just talk normally without screaming every 5 minutes. I try not to scream, but you can’t hold a decent conversation with them without screaming at least once. Most of the time I end up storming away. Screaming.

One of the JVTV late nights I yelled/screamed. I was horrified at what I had just done the second after I realized I had screamed.

The lip-dub practice I screamed. That was more of just screaming to get people in control.

I hate screaming. It hurts. I hate talking loudly. It’s just as awkward.

That’s all.

Most people say I need to speak up. But I really don’t want to, because I like being quiet. Lately, I’ve been a little more vocal.


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