Topic #343: Where do you find strength?

I started to follow the Daily Post, I think I’ll be doing most of the topics…maybe add a picture and make it DailyPicWords or some creative title that someone’s probably already used before.

Where do you find strength?

Honestly, I find my strength in the joy of others. I quite honestly do. I’m happiest when someone else is happy and they deserve it.

I said I was weak before in one of my posts, and I am weak still.

I often refer to “finding my anchor” (its from the novel  It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. )

It pretty much means finding my inspiration, my drive, my strength.

I’ve lost track of my anchor…and it’s hard to find a new one fast, but one of the little anchors is seeing people I care about happy. That gives me Strength.

I’m going to work on these prompts. I like them. It gives me something to do.

Maybe I’ve already found my anchor in writing…and I just don’t know it….sigh.

Forgot a picture…hmmm

No. It’s not my hand/arm….but still. Here’s to finding an Anchor.


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