Topic #344: What’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day?

Yesterday was the longest I’ve walked in a single day…

I really didn’t think I would get back to this so soon, but I tired to sleep and I just couldn’t. My heart started beating faster and faster. I don’t know if it was in relation to my last post, but somehow it probably is. I think about things too much, or in too much detail rather.

Yesterday I walked around the mall and around the streets with the sophomores.

While it’s not physically the longest I’ve walked in a single day, it was both the emotionally and mentally the longest I’ve walked in a single day. Don’t ask me how that works…it just does ok? I think most of it was because of all the thinking I was doing.

I mean when you’re standing in the middle of a park or walking down some back way of a neighborhood, you’ve got plenty of time to think about things…especially when it’s dark outside.

I also saw the stars clearly for the first time in a few days…amazing how everything clicks together isn’t it?

Ha. I’m still in my blue hooded shirt from today and yesterday…sigh I really wanna sleep so I can go for a bike or a run in the morning.


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