Topic #346: How do you define your own identity?

Identity – I’m Manjot Singh Jawa.

I think I’ll end it there. That’s my identity. (Or is it?)

I’m still trying to find my identity, I don’t believe anyone can really define their own identity at all. I really don’t now. I’ve tired to describe myself and I always end up putting something random and stupid. That’s why I HATE those boxes on websites that ask you tell people “About you” or etc. It really sucks. So, yes I don’t know who I am or rather what my “Identity” is. Maybe I never will. Most ways, I perfectly am fine with that.

This is what I do know –

I like good music, Journalism is my life’s work, as is writing.  I can organize pretty much anything. I have a tendency to always go big, I love planning social events. I don’t like attending social events that much, I’m quiet and to myself a lot. I’m more open that I used to be or this site wouldn’t even be here, I always try to not “judge a book by it’s cover” somehow I end up doing that anyway, but don’t worry; I don’t accept things and people for who they are. I don’t drink or smoke. I’m extremely dedicated to the things I do. I love biking and running. I love my car.  I care, often too much about the little things. I care about the people in my life a great deal more than I care about myself. I love being busy and working. I hate working. I hate not having the ability to be completely carefree. I love. I love some more. ….

ok so maybe there is more to me than I thought….but that’s not all of me. that’s only a part of me.

My ID is not only name, it’s not only what I like to do or hate to do, It’s…well I don’t know what it is.



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