What Music really means to me…well almost

Beats. Temp. Pitch. Octaves. Notes. Bass. Treble. Mids. Measures. Etc.

I may know nothing about those words, but I know one thing, they help to create Music. Everything has music. Everything. Even the silence is music.

Music is something special, something very special. It has a way of changing lives, destroying lives, making things better, making things worse, helping create new adventures, new lives. For me, Music has done everything. It’s given me a new outlook, a fresh view on things. I’ve been told I have the weirdest taste in music because I don’t like one specific genre the most. And while they might find it weird, I find it suit me perfectly.

I’m no where near anything like a musician. I can’t even keep a beat. (for the most part) But I know what sounds good to me and what doesn’t. Someday, I’d like to learn how to actually play an instrument. It’s on my bucket list.

Music is Life

No matter who you are, there’s always some type of music out there for you to like.   And that’s all there is to it.



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