Topic # 347 Clearly I can’t count – what can’t you do?

Clearly I can’t talk.

Well I can talk, I just can’t talk well. Words are my friends when I’m writing, but not when I’m talking, problem is, I don’t think before I talk, or even after I talk. I think while I’m talking. So I’m always finding out that there could have been a better way to describe something or a different way to say something. Like just a few seconds ago, I was tying to describe what was wrong with my dad’s car…I messed up and started saying something about the camshaft rather than the transmission…how I get to that point, I have no clue.

I really would like to improve my skills as talker. For one thing I’m still bit shy. I don’t like to talk to people that I consider to be smarter than me, or people that I don’t want to offend. (No that doesn’t mean I go around to offended the people I do talk to. well not always ha)

p.s. Yeah I know it’s only 347…and there’s actually 365 days in a year…trust me. It’s not my fault. (



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