Time flys Life is short Gotta live it up

The first day breathing, crawling, smiling, walking, speaking, laughing, eating, drinking, and the first day actually living.

I don’t know why, but I know that I haven’t ever truly lived. But through this summer, I finally gave in and listened for once. Listened to my heart instead of my brain, and I realized that life really is short, I don’t want to die or kill myself. Time will keep going on, I can’t stop what I can’t control. That’s when I started to tell myself this – Give me the serenity to accept things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference”

Maybe it’s not up to me to change the world, or solve everyone’s problems, maybe just maybe, I could can live for myself and still make others happy. I’ve always carried problems on my shoulders, mainly those that were never mine in the first place.

This year has been a mission of “Living it up” (to a level). It’s been a year of firsts –

  • First concert (Owl City, Unwed Sailor, and Mat Kearney at the House of Blues)
  • First time to meet an astronaut.
  • First time to tour the NASA JSC (Got to go into the Apollo Control Room, and the ISC mock-up, and the shuttle mock-up)
  • First time to get an award from an astronaut at NASA
  • First night of staying out past 12 and driving crazy
  • First night of going to eat at a restaurant after 11pm
  • First time asking someone to Homecoming
  • First time organizing a lip dub
  • First time yelling at a crowd/group of more than 5-10 people (Twice)
  • First time going to homecoming game
  • First time going to a football game (Homecoming)
  • First time dancing at homecoming dance
  • First time wearing jeans
  • First time wearing skinny jeans
  • First time spending more than 80 dollars at a clothing store (Vans)
  • First time hanging out with sophomores
  • First time writing more than 16 pages
  • First time ice skating
  • First time not wearing slacks
  • First time losing over 60 pounds
  • First time eating at Jason’s Deli
  • First time eating at Panera with more than 5 people
  • First time eating at the Yogurt cup
  • First time being told I look good by a stranger
  • First time being told I look weak by a stranger
  • First time writing a blog
  • First time creating a website
  • First time coding a website
  • First time going to the container store
  • First time spending time at a person’s house other than mine
  • First time staying out till 6 in the morning
  • First time…thinking that I have too many stupid little firsts in this year that They’re not going to fit so I’m going to stop here.

Point – 2011 is over. it was full of firsts and new lessons and some old ones.

I can’t thank my friends enough. Especaily the ones I’ve gotten even closer to this past year. From one of them killing my brain cells to just being the most random person I know, they’ve all made me; me. And even though It makes me weary saying it, I can’t thank these sophomores enough for letting me randomly organize things and they tag along. They’ve taught me more than I could ever teach myself. I don’t care if they don’t realize it, but I owe most of my happiness to them. Even if they are annoying.

I probably wouldn’t be here today writing this if it weren’t for my friends and their support and them just being there. I can’t thank them enough, my life is forever in debt to them. I love each an every single one of you.

Being in two programs ( JVTV and Newspaper [and technically in Yearbook] ) I’ve found who I’d like to be someday, I might be lost about a career or a major or what not, but I know that I want to be able to make a difference.

This past year I’ve turned my life around, I’ve found my anchor, lost it, and I’m searching for it again. No matter what, I’m not going to let life roll by. Time flies faster than we know it, life is too short to waste, and I for one will not let anything stop me in 2012.

My New Year’s Restitution?  Just be myself really…and live live to its fullest.

2012 Ready or not, here I come.

Happy New Years to you and your loved ones!

Song Choice For this Year –

“Take A Look At Me Now” Greyson Chance – Prefect song…just goes with it…

And this was my second pick – First Pick now 😀

Tim Berg – “Seek Bromance”


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