And so it starts

I’ve been sitting at my laptop since I got home researching microphones and other equipment and design for the studio’s new sound booth. It’s quite an adventure learning all these new things and at the same time, it’s really annoying because there’s so much to go through. But hey, I love working on stuff like this. It’s what I was probably made for. I think.

Anyway, for the past hour I’ve been here trying to remember how to use Auto Cad. (Yes, I know how to draft too…another career choice) I eventually figured it out, only to start to remember all the times of using it in class and out of class the past two years and then remembering pretty much all of high school. Now I had already kinda been emotional after watching Ellen today (Bieber Fever’s hit me hard) so it was really hard for me to keep it in. But I managed and got some work done. Still got some left to do (I’ll be up for a while today I can tell)

Today was also the first day back at school so it didn’t help much to know that either…I told myself I wouldn’t count down, but today marks 150 days before graduation.

I really wish I could write more, but I’ve got a lot of drafting and writing to do, and my fingers are already hurting, so I apologize about the shortness of this post.

I will say this, the countdown has started and it will be fun to watch what happens. I’m ready for it. No matter what.

Have a great day/night or whatever!


(I’ll be ending my posts with the countdown from now on. woohoo more sadness and misery for me)


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