I’m a penguin lovin’ ninja airplane…named Stan flying


“Sometimes the connections we make with others have a way of sneaking up on us. We share experiences, we have a history, we form bonds.”


No, I didn’t forget my name is Manny. Stan’s just another nickname for me. One I kinda like actually…maybe…ok fine I like Manny better but Stan’s awesome too.

Every bit of that sentence has a memory attached to it. Every letter, every word, every pixel. Ok so maybe not every pixel…but you get my point. Memories are fun things, they can be good or bad, but the truth is they’re there to stay. Well for the most part.

It might just be me, but it’s extrememly hard for me to think about memories this year. I just can’t bring myself to do it.  yes, I’m man enough (or weird enough) to admit that I start to breakdown when thinking about memories. Although I eventually think about them anyway like right now while I’m trying to write this entire post. The only reason why stems from everything about graduation and leaving and stepping into the real world. I don’t think I’m ready. I know I’m not ready. It’s a huge step, not just that, it’s a leap. It’s like Armstrong stepping foot on the moon, only it’s a not a giant leap for mankind, it’s a giant leap for Manny-Kind or Stan-Kind or Manjot-Kind. Point being, from grade school all the way to high schoool, I’ve learned a lot, made friends, lost friends, made connections, broken them, fixed them, shared memories and moments, and so much more. Each second I live now is all building up to June 2nd 2012 at 12pm. It’s crazy to think that so much of that time I spent doing things that really didn’t make sense to me until now. I’m finally getting to a point where I like everything I do. Wait, that’s not right, I don’t like it. I love it. Even if it stresses me out and I don’t know how to chill. It works for me.  I think.

I’m guessing by now you’re wondering what the freak “I’m a penguin lovin’ ninja airplane…named Stan” means. Not to fret, I’ll tell you. Hopefully it doesn’t scare you…but then again, you have read up to this point so you’re probably already freaked out or something enough.

I guess I’ll just break it down (down, down, dooownnn )

I’m – Well, I hope you understand what this means…It’s about me, and I’m talking in first person. Plain old English. What’s so special about it? The fact that I know what it is and when to use it. English is my second language, and I could barely speak or understand it when I first moved here…but now, after years of grade school ESL and learning, I finally got it after 2nd grade. I remember every teacher that helped me develop my skills as a reader and writer and speaker. All the way from Mrs. Barth(3rd Grade) down to Mrs. Kenee (Pre-K) It was a fun time back then…although now it’s hard for me to say “I don’t get it”

a  – umm…well yeah, same as above.

penguin – My favorite animal. I would stop there, but it’s not the whole story.  My love for penguins started in 2nd grade … when I first saw one at the Zoo on a field trip. They are amazing creatures. The way they act and how they live together and care for each other. It’s all a huge Ohana thing. In third grade, I actually got a penguin has my “pal”. Mrs. Bruklis gave us all little pets at the start of the year. I got a penguin….I still don’t know how she knew that they were my favorite. (3rd grade was a big year for me) Anyway. Penguins are amazing. They’re black and white and most have a touch of bright color in them. Which is exactly my style. They’re classified as Birds, but they can’t fly. And I love them because of that. I’m supposed to be a human, but humans are weird. So I’m not exactly human. I hope you’re getting the point by now, Penguins and I are extremely alike…well almost.  (I don’t eat fish and I don’t know how to swim) They’re truly amazing creatures and just plain awesome.

"The smart kid that talks to birds that can't even fly!"

lovin’ – well it’s pretty simple that is short for “Loving”….and it’s exactly what I do. Love. I don’t like to hate. But I do hate. I’d like to say I don’t hate at all, but I do. I try to love as much as I can. Even to those that hate.

ninja – I have no clue how this relates to me at all…but I am bit sneaky at times. only sometimes though.

airplane – So I don’t know how…but I just love airplanes and airports. I don’t know just something about the history and the ability to defy gravity and just fly and stuff is amazing. It’s pretty much one of the biggest things in my life. Ok not really…but still, I’d go around acting like an airplane last year in the mornings and it’d be pretty much everywhere. More will be explained in the flying section

named – well…yeah names…are cool.

Stan –  My new nickname… apparently it started with one of the sophomores and made it’s way up there somehow…but I like it. Not better than Manny…but I like Stan, its something fresh.  It’s a reminder of the past four years of highschool… Manny was my name from the start of high school. The very first day…bam I wasn’t Manjot anymore I was Manjot “Manny” Singh Jawa. And I’m loving every second of it.

Flying – Ok…so I love flying. I really don’t know how to explain this more. It pretty much started with my first flight on an airplane….and just kinda went from there. I love flying. I love being able to go through the sky and just flying…Too bad I can only really fly like that in my dreams. Flying just makes me feel free. free of the ground, free of things that I worry about. Just Free. Also Why I love swinging and leaning back and seeing the sky.  One day I’d like to find myself flying through the air. Maybe I’ll launch myself out of a cannon, but hopefully it won’t come to that. Hopefully.

I think I’ll stop here. Memories are interesting things. They create, destroy, and change. For me, They’ve formed my life. I’ve found my life in them and in doing so, Have found who I am inside.  I don’t know what the future brings, and I’m not ready for it entirely, but these memories are here to stay, and them and the people that I’ve made connections with are here to stay.

“Sometimes the connections we make with others have a way of sneaking up on us. We share experiences, we have a history, we form bonds.”

Those connections are strong. The History is being written. The Experiences keep coming. The bonds become a part of Ohana forever.




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