Free Hugs

Free Hugs (aka Finding my Anchor part two)

phew…so yesterday was weird day for me writing wise…trust me, I won’t do that again. Our minds are scary places…and for them to come out with words like that…is well frankly pretty darn scary.

So, If you don’t know what “anchor” means, it’s something from a little book know as “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”  by Ned Vizzini. The main character goes through depression and such and such ends up checking himself into a mental hospital where he finds his love (weird right?) and also meets the most important person in his life. A person that would change his view on everything…anyway, you should really read it.

Wondering what Anchor means still? Well…in his journey, he learns to find his anchor. Something or Someone that keeps him away or gives him hope or is just that one that will make him feel better.

I found mine last year…oddly enough it was in the form of the work I do at school. Journalism and everything about it was my anchor. Towards the start of last summer I kind of lost that anchor. I don’t know why. It just drifted away from me. Journalism is still a huge part of my life, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not my anchor anymore.

To be honest I don’t think I’ll truly ever find one single solid anchor. (maybe when I’m older I might) See the weird thing for me about anchors is, it’s weird because anchors are heavy, yet they’re supposed to make everything lighter for your mind. I  stayed up last night and thought a lot about my anchor. About what the advice I’d been given earlier in the day, and just about life.

And I think I found it. I think I really found my anchor.

I think you understood from the tittle, but here’s a little story.  6th grade me was at home surfing the web as normal and I came across this video. Now, normally I’d just be like oh cool and leave it at that…but this was different. It hit me right where it mattered most. In the heart.

Free Hugs was a idea of a guy who didn’t have much in his life and yet he wanted to make other people simile or feel better by giving them a hug. A Free Hug from a random guy in the middle of busy street? Please? No one does that. It’s gross. It’s disgusting. It’s not socially correct.  Or is it? Isn’t that what life is? About making connections and finding people? I sure think it is. Before you read on, Watch the video below please and thanks.

My Anchor?

People that are happy.
Even better, Making people happy.

Everything part of me loves when someone is smiling, or when you can see that little light in their eyes that just brightens the room, or when you just know by looking at them that they’re happy, when they’re laughing or just content with their lives.

If I can brighten someone’s day, that’s all I need to keep me going. A smile. A laugh.  A simple eye contact. That’s all.

There’s no reason in this world why someone, at some time shouldn’t be happy, even if it’s for no reason at all.

So maybe it’s not the prefect anchor…but it’s a step closer to finding a solid one for life.

I just wish I was better at it.


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