Because I can’t sleep


Well I didn’t keep my resolution of writing everyday. It worked for a little bit…and then it just kinda got too much and I of course got bogged down with the other stuff in life. On a side note, I’m only writing today because someone told me they still read my older posts.

I can’t sleep and this was the only way I could think of to get my head “un-hurted”

So this is what has happened since January 22nd, which was my last real post;

    • Complied my online portfolio for contest and for myself – Click Here
    • Wrote an essay about my journalistic life for said portfolio. I’ll be posting it after this post.
    • Took the Tricaster to Techfest – had an amazing time
    • Saw Chronicle – Gave it a 3/5
    • Took a Breath…many times.
    • Finally finished my PSA that I’ve been wanting to do since start of last year got two of them actually –

  • Won some stuff – mostly TAJE (Here)
  • Found out I’m going to be starting my own business (woohooo) I need to come up with name
  • Lost my iPod (or it was stolen) either way, made me see how much music matters to me
  • Realized the true power of social media and news (1,341 hits in one day at
  • Breathed…again.
  • Built a wall of TV’s in the studio (more like monitors)
  • Lost 5 pounds
  • Planned for the future
  • Went to Panera with the sophomores. Again.
  • Got a job.
  • Ha. I wish I got job…still looking for one…not that I really have time for it.
  • Joined LinkedIn. I’m professional now…laughed at that.
  • Almost lost my sanity
  • Please I have no sanity. I’ve never had any
  • Started listening to more edgy/rock/alt-rock music
  • Found a book I actually like to read.
  • Realized what I’ve missed out on while growing up in life
  • Sat and thought for countless hours at the latest possible times at night/morning

So yeah. It’s been a crazy few weeks…and it’s only getting crazier with this app thing about to go into full drive because I’m ready to roll it out and get things out there faster. Also ready to start teaching people for next year. Hopefully I don’t scare them too much.

I think this enough writing for today. I’ll come back later and hopefully do some more. I appreciate people reading, feel free to comment too though. I’d love to hear from you. Oh and please please please check out my portfolio. I’d really love your opinions on it.

Signing for who knows how long….

P.s. we’re out of the triple digits for counting down to graduation. Only 98 days left.  I’m not ready anymore.


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