I guess I failed at writing a post a day. (Ha. Told you that’d happen)

I’m not too sure about anything right now. I’ve been having better days. Just worse nights. I try to keep myself way from my own thoughts. It’s scary that in a little less than six weeks I will be with 648 of the people of I’ve gotten to know over the past 12 years and we’ll all be walking out into the real world. The big world. Frankly I don’t know if I’m ready for it. I guess I am, but I don’t really know.

They say high school is about finding yourself, getting to know who you are, but honestly whoever they are, they could not be more right.

Thing is, I found myself, partly. I’m still searching. I got my anchor back. But I’m about to lose it again. And when that happens, I don’t know what I’ll do. (Probably go crazy insane whatever’s worse than all of those…

I don’t know why I started to write this again. Somedays like today, I wish I had that one person I could turn to and they’d know how to make it all better..how to make me stop thinking, make me stop and just relax. I still haven’t found that person. (To be honest, I thought I had, but I don’t relate to said person much…at least not from what said person shows, and even if I did, I’d be breaking in on something that’s already been established)

Part of that is my fault. I don’t let people in too much, unless I trust them overly. and most of the time when that happens, they stop caring so it’s whatever. Maybe some day.

All this stuff is coming up next month. It’s only now starting to hit what’s going to happen June 2nd. Slowly.

Also, People have been reading I refuse to sink post a lot…that’s nice.


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