I like concerts. I really do.

So far, I’ve been to

Nero w/ Dillon Francis

Owl City w/ Mat Kearney and Unwed Sailor

Explosions in the Sky w/ Zammuto

Short list right? Did you expect more? I did too…but that’s okay.

And yes, they are in order…just won’t tell you which way.

I’ll be going to Forever the Sickest Kids on July 22nd, and then

Cool deal. I’m excited. If you’re going to either of those, let me know, we’ll meet up I guess and take a picture.

Also, speaking of pictures, I normally don’t take pictures at concerts, like there might me pictures of me at concerts, but I’ve never taken a picture at a concert myself…maybe I should start doing that…but I really don’t want to. Somehow remembering the moment through a picture or even a video isn’t  worth it. If you don’t remember the concert just through what you were doing or how you felt or because it’s etched in your head, then I don’t think you’ve actually enjoyed it.

Well that’s all…Yay.


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