I think I’m moving but I go nowhere.

Strange how a song can still affect you after not having listened to it for a while. Crazy stuff. If you don’t recognize the song, it’s fine. I didn’t remember it when it popped up today.

I feel like I’m moving forward, but I’m  going nowhere.

I’m still here. Still in the same house, still on the same laptop, same couch, looking the same (pretty much), and honestly feeling the same as I used to.

Yeah, I’m not as un-social or whatever but I’ve not really accomplished much, and if I have, it means little to nothing to the world out there.

I’m not sure where I’m going with that thought. I’ll drop it for now. Gonna go work on more html coding.

I guess I just need a change of pace or have things that I really want to happen actually happen…probably partly my fault anyway, but still.

I think it’s time for a drive.



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