Oh the places you’ll go

Will I go places?

Sure, sometime sooner or later…but seems like later is going to be the best bet since I’m stuck.

Things haven’t been the best for my mind lately, and it’s only going to get worse from what I can tell. I wish I had the option of going on a really really long road trip. I don’t know.  I think I’d really like that. Just meeting new people, finding new places, etc. But alas, I don’t have the funds for that, nor will I ever be able to…maybe…I’m not sure. I don’t know.

There are some things that I don’t feel comfortable saying online or writing so I won’t. Plain and simple. But I can tell that I refuse to let myself sink. That’s not happening, no matter how close to that point  I got today.

So far my anchor has been music. 22/42 is today’s countdown. 22 days till Forever the Sickest Kids and 42 days till IDFest. I’m quite excited about  those two things. But even more worried about what’s going to happen in between the days.

I really don’t know. Some days I feel like I’ve made the worst choice in the world by deciding to stay close to home for college…other times I feel like I’ve made the worst decision of my life.  

And it’s not just college it’s life in general. 

I’m still not the person I want to be. For now, I’ll just stick with my oranges, music and drunk wrestling robots.

Sounds like a plan.  I think.

P.s. Facebook got rid of the news ticker apparently. One more thing that makes me sad.


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