Is it weird?

I get emotional when I think about the evolution of communication and the power of that one single connection or point in time?

Like we go about our lives everyday not thinking about it, but every second we spend, there’s a connection being made somewhere, someplace around us, and sooner or later, that connection is going to affect us in some way.

It’s also crazy to see how much the internet has changed things…like think about what things would have never have happened or did happen because of the internet.

Every time I see it happen or like hear about it or read about it or whatever it just makes me feel good about life. I don’t know.

I’m a freak, but I do get emotional about it. 

That’s why I love this saying –

Sometimes the connections we make with others have a way of sneaking up on us. We share experiences, we have a history, we form bonds.

It’s just  wow.

That’s all for now. Go watch all 10 of these videos on their channel. You’ll (hopefully) see what I mean


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