A memory.

I believe the biggest accomplishment I had my senior year was doing a two-week newscast in JVTV.  (Yes, the lip dub doesn’t even compare to this)

Our normal newscasts are put out anywhere from 6-10 weeks. This challenge was created by our great teacher to challenge everyone to brainstorm, script, film, and edit a newscast story within a two weeks. Which, of course, we had never before attempted.

Being the crazy person I am (and being the President), I of course had a bit of a different plan for this newscast. I wanted to do more. I wanted to attempt to do this newscast all in two weeks. I meant All of it. No extra time for editing. We were going to shoot the anchors live with the stories running between them. Basically do a real newscast. A huge thing.

I’m pretty sure everyone on that staff  and even our teacher thought I had gone woonkers. I probably had. But I’m sure they were used to by then. Maybe.

When it came down to it, at 6pm, I again was running around like normal and figuring out what to say and how to get things sorted out. In the control room, stories that were completed (all of them pretty much) were dropped in, cameras set up in the studio, anchors ready, a script loaded and control room and equipment manned by the best all ready to roll with our first ever live to tape newscast using the Tricaster. Yeah I forgot to mention I really wanted to actually use the Tricaster with three cameras and a live environment. Did I mention I love that machine? Going to miss seeing it every day.

Sure there were a few mistakes, like me forgetting to hit record (who does that?!), or running something two seconds earlier that I was supposed to, the sound messing up, forgetting to switch out, not hitting that button or the other one, losing track…you get the point.

At the end of the night, when those credits finally rolled past the preview screen and the red button was turned off, it was all worth it.  I don’t know how if this is really what happened, but I just remember it being really really silent for a few seconds as everyone in the control room took a deep breath (at least I did) and just looking over at everyone around me and seeing their faces. Looking behind and beside me at the mentees I had grown to love for the past 2 years, the teacher that had become so much a part of my life because of the program that she built from the ground up. The  faces of our two amazingly talented and beautiful anchors out in the studio.  The staff standing outside of the studio whose  faces went to joy…(maybe it was just being tired and wanting to go home ha) Just amazing.

That was a moment to remember. It’s one that I will never forget. Ever.

Because in that moment, looking over at people that I had grown to see as my  family for the past 4 years, everything felt infinite. I was not proud of myself. I was proud of my staff. Proud of my friends. Proud of my family. I was proud of what we had done. Proud of our accomplishment.

I’ve never felt that way about anything in my actual biological family. Still haven’t after all these years. Maybe I will someday. But that’s another story.

Photo Credit of our teacher.


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