College Life

Wow it’s been quite a while since I wrote anything last. Strange being back here…but I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not from a PC anymore. I’m now the proud new owner of a 2012 MacBook Pro 15″ (non-retina)

Here’s a picture . I love this thing.


Lovely isn’t it? I thought so. Wanna watch a video of me unboxing it? I also have that –


Yep. Can you tell I really love this thing? Because I do. A lot.

Anyway…College started a few days ago (like three days ago, but it seems like it’s been forever). I actually really like my classes.

Sign Language is probably my favorite. Hands-down. It’s also probably the most challenging. Here’s why – when you’re learning American Sign Language (ASL), you don’t get to talk. At all. Why you may ask?

Because it lets you get immersed into what you’re learning and such. Second, it’s considered rude. Why?

Because our Profesor is deaf. Yep. You heard me.

But it’s not bad at all. He’s really quite funny and makes things easy to learn, helps that he has a great sense of humor.

All in all. it’s a pretty great class.

Second is my government class. The Profesor, who has a PhD by the way, just moved to Texas less than a month ago. He’s quite a character. I think he’s Polish. Haven’t really asked. But he made a south park reference yesterday. He’s pretty easy going and he understands that anyone can read and memorize, but it takes time to read and understand and then use.

Third is my HUMD Class…and no before you ask it’s not a class about Hummers or Military Operations. IT’s basically like advanced academic strategies for college. It’s the class I’m waiting to go to right now actually. I’m only taking it because I have to since I’m taking pre-algebra. Which brings me to that class, which is actually the best thing in the world for me since I  hate math with burning passion.

That’s about it for classes.

I’ve also been wanting to start a Student Press Program here…they don’t have one…and I plan on working with the Video Production club when they start up (I’ve been told it’s a completely bare-bones club right now…which will hopefully change.

I haven’t really made any new friends…which is kinda sad…cuse that’s what I was looking forward to. But it’ll happen when it does I suppose. It’s just really boring sitting and waiting for classes alone. when you could be off doing stuff with friends. Oh well. All in good time.

Other than that…I’m pretty much enjoying college.

And loving my Macbook.

And now I have 30 minutes till class which is better than the hour and a half that it was before I started typing this.


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