Music Monday – November 5th

Howdy! So I think this will keep me blogging for at least once a week.

It’s my weekly Music Monday. Every Monday, I’ll find 4 tracks/songs that I like and I’ll tell you about them. This monday is kind of special and because it’s my first Music Monday, I’ll have more than 4 tracks.

Now, let me just say that I’m no music expert. I just like listening to good music. At least what I consider good music. I won’t be using any fancy musical terms, because frankly I don’t know any (at least not much).

So yeah. Enjoy.

1. Sly Winking Usury  – Lockah

Heard this on BBC R1 Introducing sunday night. I don’t know why, but I just was captured by the sound. It’s a nicely made track with what seems to be simple yet extraordinary complex beats. The flow of the beat is also a nice benefit. It makes me want to get up and dance really, but I won’t because I suck at dancing (weird right?) It’s just a power packed , jam infused track. Lockah is from Aberdeen and his new EP comes out this wednesday November 7th.

2. Past Broadcasts – My First Tooth

Another BBC R1 track thanks to Jen and Ally. The song is up for grabs for free right now through their record Alcopop (which also has a number of other great tracks, one of which will be mentioned later) Honestly, it’s just a really sweet track…like sweet as in cute and touchy feely sweet, but it’s also got great lyrics that are packed with energy. I don’t know much else, take a listen for yourself and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

3. Get On – Tellison

Alcopop really has some great talent, another track up for grabs, it’s a bit old, if you can call 6 months old that is. Simple alternative track that I just quite enjoyed, starts out with a mellow piano and kicks it up with a full band set. The lead singer, whoever he is, has a quite a great voice that I really like. I looked up the lyrics for this song, and they’re meaningful enough to actually understand, as is with most alternative songs.

4. Swizzlestick – Lightguides

I don’t know much about this band, found them on Spotify just looking around (It was with two other bands that are in my Music Monday Playlist on Spotify) It’s just really cool. It’s got a great beat and energy to it. The vocals aren’t my favorite as I think they sound a bit rough,  but it works really well put together.

5. KAPOW – Rusko

Ok, so it’s not really one track, but Rusko’s latest EP is out for free on his site, and will be on iTunes tomorrow, I really REALLY love it. Just a great beat and energy put together. I’ll be seeing him next friday at Warehouse Live, and I’m hoping he’ll play one of these tracks. It’s just awesome to blast while driving around or on the way to campus (Where I seriously just drive down straight road for like 25 minutes) “YEAH” is probably my favorite if you’re wondering.

Well, That’s all I got for now, not really, check out my Spotify Playlist for two tracks that I didn’t list here, just because I want you to check out Spotify. Kidding. But seriously you can if you want to and subscribe or what not…not that anyone’s really reading this. Just click the link here – Music Mondays

Or check out the two other tracks here –

Endor – We Live in Doors –


Quick beam – Seven Hundred Birds

Well, if you actually read this post, listened to the music, or checked it out or whatever, I thank you. If you didn’t…well you never saw it so I don’t know what to say to you. Like I said, I’m not in any way a musical expert. I say things in simple terms, mostly because I don’t know the technical terms. So yeah. I like what I like because it’s cool. Anywho. I hope you found some new music or re-found something. Thanks for checking it out, come back next week for 4 (or more) tracks.


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