Music Monday – November 12th


I guess you came back…I don’t know why, but if you liked the music last time, hope you like it this time. Just a quick note, again, me no music smarty, so that said, I probably won’t compare bands/producers so don’t expect me to be like “this has that bands type of sound”. Anywho, I’ll just dive right in, I didn’t write much, so just listen and enjoy. This week hasn’t been much of new music for me, well it has, but it’s mostly been focused on Angels and Airwaves, which I’ll have a post about later today or tomorrow morning.

A little recap from last time – Lockah’s EP came out and you can grab it by clicking the album cover below. I think it’s quite well produced.

Alex Metric – Prophecies (not linked below)

Interesting story – This song was actually playing while I was listening to BBC R1 (You’ll find that I find a lot of new music from there, so you could just listen toBBCR1) but anyway, Wednesday, Zane Lowe mentioned my tweet on air. You’r probably like whatever, but it made my day. But it’s just the power of social media, and just goes to prove that twitter isn’t all that lame. Anyway, back to the music- Alex Metric’s Ammunition pt. 2 EP should be coming out soon and has the track Prophecies, which is the one that I’m really looking forward to hearing again becuase it’s just one of those tracks that really captures your attention and keeps you drawn in, but yet has that really chill factor to it. While we wait for EP to come out,  spotify or sound cloud around and you’ll find his other work too, up above is a winter DJ mix. You can also check out stuff over on Facebook by clicking on the Ep album over on the right.

Forever Young – State Lines

Found these guys, well actually they found me on Twitter…but anyway. Great vocals and beat. If you can’t tell already, I’m into different types of music and don’t stick to one genere, so it’s really cool to find music like this on Twitter. They’re also from Uvalde, Texas so that increases the chance of me seeing them sometime. But that’s just me. Anyway, nice beat, nice vocals, and an overall great track.

Pocket Satellite – Rocks in Shoes

Calming things down a bit here, but still something nice to just listen to. I’ll admit, I couldn’t listen to this for a long period of time, at least not the entire album, but the song itself is pretty good, so take  listen. Just something to calm down with I suppose. I like it though…

Courage have Courage – Stay Young 

And kicking things back up a little, I guess I’ve been stuck with Alt/Rock and etc for awhile this past week because of Angels and Airwaves but  a simple song with meaning, so it’s all good. Enjoy.

Lastly, here’s a little +1 a mix from EITRO thanks to TheBeatMill. Great house for drives to school (At least for me)

That’s my four + 1 for today, check out my Spotify playlist – Music Mondays for a track(s) that I didn’t mention here, but you might like. Also, I was at concert last friday, I’ll post more about that a little latter today or tomorrow morning, so check that out if you want. (Cough cough – It’s about Mayday Parade, The Maine, and The Postelles)

Before I sign off for this week, music is really not that hard to get, I mean you can take it off websites, and record it, and torrent and whatever, but if you follow the right sources, you can normally find great music for free, and then the ones you have to pay for won’t be as bad of  hit to your wallet. But that’s just me. Most of my music now in days comes from music blogs or directly from the artists who release tracks for free. In the end, music is music and it’s meant to be shared and heard by all, so do what you do to get it, just appreciate the work that goes into making it and getting it to you is all.

P.s. I do post an occasional blogpost on here so if its not your thing to read about my life, then just ignore it.

Enjoy your week, listen loud with an open mind and appreciate music.


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