Music Monday Nov. 19th

So..I woke up with a 102 degree fever and lost my voice. My medicine looks like it’s crack cocaine…but it’s really not. Just tastes horrid.

Anywho, friday/the weekend has had me completely beat, so I really don’t have any new music, but here’s some stuff in case you actually read this stuff.

Kaskade (who have yet to see live because of a certain individual, kidding of course) Anywho, Kaskade does a Mashup every few often and here’s the one from today. I found it to be quite bueno.

Also, check out Gramatik, another talented producer/artist on Pretty Light’s Record label

If you haven’t heard of this trio yet, you sure will be soon enough- Krewella, composed of two girls and one guy (interesting mix right?)

Listen to their album stuff here 

and check out their interview with Chase over at TheBeatMill

Lastly, Check out this indie house kinda feeling track with RAC and their remix of Youngblood Hawk’s We come running

Sorry for leaving it really short today, but I’m really tired and still a little confused from everything. If you ever get the chance to go see Rusko, do it. Seriously. You won’t regret it. But seriously, have a little respect for anyone that’s up there. I don’t care who it is or if you don’t like the music, give respect where it’s due, and remember PLUR. Take care everyone!


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