Music Monday – Nov. 26th

Oi, hello, hey, howdy, meow, ello, what up, yeah music Music MUsic MUSic MUSIc MUSIC! LEGGO. or is it LEGHHGOO I don’t really know…but woohooo!

1. Jacob Van Hage 

The Dutch producer hit the US for the first time this past saturday, and to commemorate that, he gave out a 16-track mashup pack on Facebook. So from hearing about his show, he absolutely killed it, so I hope he comes back soon. Which judging by the tweet below, he will.  Click his face below to go grab it and show him some good ole’ american love (or southern love). Oh, and if you’re on twitter follow him (and/or me)

I’m currently listening to the track below, and can’t be more hyper. It’s kinda hard to sit and listen…thus why I’m standing and typing and kinda sorta dancing and/or wailing about. Anyway, it’s a vast array of sub-genres from house to trap, which is nice to hear as always.

Thanks to TheBeatMill for this one.

2. Clear Skies 

Another one of those random twitter finds that I like so much, hitting more back into the pop-punk area, check out their single that I bought (yes, people still buy music) only a few seconds after hearing it for the first time.

Woohoo…moving along fast…not really…normal pace…I dunno. I’m tired. More bored. I dunno about you.

3. M83 

You’re probably saying well..I already knew about them and etc. Well great you probably know about Hurry up, We’re Dreaming and such, but there’s like 3 other albums this amazing group did before that, and I kinda like the older ones better, even though Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is a great progression and evolution of talent and sound. So yeah. “We Own the Sky”  is from Saturdays=Youth, which is nice. But I spent the most of my time while in bed sick (yeah I was sick this entire week if you care to know) listening to Before the Dawn Heals Us. So check those out where you can. Woohoo.

Decided to add another video

Source: My Library of Music.

4. Bro Safari & UFO!

I dunno. I just stuck something here to fill up the 4th spot. It’s trap…which I’m not all that big of  fan for, but whatever…here. Try it out. Maybe you’ll like it more than I will.

Source: TheBeatMill

5. Next to Nothing

Another pop-punk band that hails from Smithsburg (I laughed at the name for quite a bit just because…but whatever) Anyway. Pleasant sound and easy listening, and highly moveable too.

Yay. Last week of November. woohoo right? (Say yes, yes it is. because my birthday is at the end of this week) but woohoo. I need to find my reindeer antlers to put back on my car after this week. Anywho, hope you’ve all had a wonderful thanksgiving break and thanksgiving day and if you dared to go out on crazy black friday, hope you stayed safe and etc. Uhh…woohoo…winter…yeah.  Here’s an image of fire for you to enjoy. Oh before the fire, here’s something from Kaskade again. Gotta love this guy! Oh and Something from Moore… woohoo.


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