Music Monday – Dec. 3rd

It’s already December…this year has really gone by quite quickly. Good times though. Holidays are coming up. Which also means a new year awaits. Quite excited. Already have my ticket to see The xx in February and about to buy my BigG ticket soon. Anyway, I’m kind of feeling lazy today, so I won’t write much today….that and I have to work on a research paper that’s due on wednesday. So yeah…without any further mumbo jumbo about life…music for your enjoyment and listening satisfaction.

Big Gigantic

I thought people had kinda just forgotten about them…turns out they’re just not that bracket of being “huge” so you don’t hear about them as much. Either that or you’ve never heard of them. Which I find strange and depressing. But worry not, for I am here. I think. The duo of  Jeremy Salken on drums (yes actual drums) and Dominic Lalli with Sax/producer (yes an actual saxophone) brings quite  the twist of music, that I find to be refreshing. It’s high energy and yet chill. Honestly, the music speaks for itself, so watch their Uprising Tour video, listen to one of my favorite tracks off their latest album, and then click on the album cover to check out more on their site and show them some love on the BookFace. Oh, and there’s a version of Black&Yellow down there too…Probably the only version I’ll listen to. These guys will be here in Houston on March 1st, 2013. As I mentioned before, I plan on going, so join me if you wish, tickets are about $30 right now.

Coyote Kisses 

No words needed. Just listen. Find more tracks on soundcloud. Awesome sounds.

Dexter’s Kin 

Twitter find of the week? I dunno. Self described as “Alternative/Rock/Pop Band with edgy pop tunes, high energy beats, & heartfelt ballads” … But I’ll just stick to saying an awesome band with great sound. Seriously great for just chilling…and thinking…and just listening. If you like the music/music video, give’em some love over on facebook by clicking their faces below. Pretty sure there’s a free track over there somewhere.

50ad65efa7f4b_americana_banner_fans (1)


Need to chill? Leavithan hails to us from the great land of Bristol in the UK. Check out the track below, and you’ll hopefully understand why I doubt I need to write anything else. More on soundcloud, they’ve also got the entire first album out for free so check that out too.


Just listen. That’s all I have to say about this. More on Soundcloud.


Netherlands. Enough said. Seriously just go check out his soundcloud. This track however, is a must-have. Me likely mucho bueno.

No Limits 

Another one of those just listen kind of sounds. Check out the free EP by clicking the album cover after the video.

Well that’s it for me, hopefully you found something to get you through the week, don’t fret, winter break isn’t that far away and in no time you’ll be singing carols and unwrapping presents and getting drunk and/or high … wait … don’t do that last part. Kidding. I don’t care what you do, just take care of yourself and those around you.But seriously. Don’t get high. or Drunk. Unless you want to. I can’t stop you. Yeah. Keep the plur alive.

Just want to take a second to thank TheBeatMill and for doing what they do. Especially TheBeatMill who have made my mornings so much better with new music. so yep. Go check ’em out. While you’re there, read the editorial on

Also, just in case anyone cares, the last music monday for this year will be on the 17th, I’ll be back with more around Jan. 7th. Unless of course I get bored and find something over the break.


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