Music Monday Dec. 10th

Hey lookie it’s snowing!

Finals week…Not that big of deal really. I mean you learn the stuff all semester so I don’t see the point in complaining about it. Anyway, I’m up at like 2am right now listening to BBC R1 Breakfast Show trying to get this done just because I know I won’t have time later…I should probably sleep anyway. But whatever. Gah. Twitter has overloaded me with music for this week, so here goes nothing, I don’t really have a big feature this time so meh. Here goes nada. This is going to be long post so lots of music that I don’t want to wait on. Plus, I know that I said the 17th would be my last, but this is going to be my last Music Monday for this year. I hope you all (the 3 of you lol)  have a great holiday season and enjoy music and I’ll see you in 2013!

Enjoy –


This deserves to be at the top of this list. Like there is no reason this shouldn’t be at the top. Blink 182 is coming back again with their Dogs Eat Dogs ep that drops Dec. 18th. I’m highly excited for both this and AVA’s new album, but seriously this just makes me really happy  and even more excited for the ep. Tom is just a pure musical genius. I really hope they also go on tour soon, but in the meantime, listen below and enjoy.



1. Black Veil Brides

Weren’t really expecting that from me were you? Or maybe you were…I dunno. Anyway, this is one of my middle school age listens, but their teaser for their new music video for their new album caught my attention once again. So watch it down there. I dunno something different to start the day.

2.Unparalleled Height

One of my twitter finds this week, keeping with the metal sound for right now because it’s in my head. Awesome sound and quite blood pumping if you ask me, of course I haven’t really listened to much metal/rock in long time, but this is a great refresher into the wonderfully powerful world of metal/rock. Vocals on this iare pretty sweet. Check out the video below, and if you like them, give’em some love over on Twitter or Facebook.

3. KKCDub

Broskis from KCCdub sent over a preview of their new EP, and holy moly, I can’t believe the amazing mix of style they’ve put together with this. I can’t leak the tracks to you, but I can tell you it’s worth waiting for. Check out their Twitter for more, but in the meantime, listen to the teaser below.

4. As It Is 

Another one from the blue bird, I don’t know if you know but pop-punk was pretty much my entry way into the world of music, like it was the first genre I loved to listen to 24/7 and it’s mostly the one I go back to a lot of the times (either that or AVA) Anyway, these guys have a sweet sound that I can’t stop listening to, I mean it’s really clean and just great. And of course they’re from the UK…so that just automatically makes better ha. Anywho, they’ve got a two track ep out for free, check out below and if you like them give’em some love over on Facebook or Twitter.

5. Blue Aesthetics

Twitter find 1 billion? Ha. Actually an artist from Houston this time, I don’t really know how to describe it other than really chill and peaceful. Just listen for yourself I guess.

6. Illuminate

I’ve probably mentioned this name and the person behind it, Jon Bilous, more than once if you’ve met me in person. Either that or you’ve heard his track “The Edge” play on my phone because I’m always leaving my alarms on and forget to turn them off at the right time. Anywho, broski’s got a new track coming out this wednesday that I can’t wait to hear. Until then though, I’ll leave you with The Edge, which to this day, is what gets me up and going in the morning.

Also, show some love Facebook  – Twitter

7. tyDi

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this awesome dude, but if I haven’t I’d like you to meet aussie native TyDi. The biggest thing right now is his music video that he’s done with Kerli. I’m just going to let you watch it because that’s all you have to do. I just appreciate when artists take on music that has an impactful message to it. Of course show some love on Twitter and Facebook.

8. Sam Sure & Giacomo 

I don’t even know where to start with this, first off, the interactive media that these two are using is highly impressive. I mean just go visit their official website and you’ll see a 360 video…something that I’ve never heard of until two weeks ago. (or I might have just don’t remember) Even more amazing that they did that without any brand sponsors or anything. About the music? It’s a pleasant mix of hip-hop and electronic that makes for easily listening. The Edits is a free mixtape that I absolutely love (on Facebook )  Check them out on Twitter and Facebook and seriously go visit their site to see what I’m talking about –

9. Tanlines

You know those friends that are always listening to great music? I’m glad I have a lot of those or else I wouldn’t find some the great music that I do. Thanks to Heath  for this recommendation.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

10. Cloud Gavin 

Indie-rock from out in Illinois, just give them a listen. Awesome sound. Check out Twitter and Facebook

11. Knife Party

Trap that I actually liked…Internet Friends is kinda like one of those Levels tracks…great, but it’s been done and done. This however, brought new life to the track.

12. Markob27 – 2012 Mashup Pack

Just listen

13. NilsOfficial

Another just listen. Great sounds.

14. Steve Smooth 

Find your way through the year with the Best of 2012.

“It was an amazing year in music, so sit back and take a ride with me through 2012!!!“ – Steve Smooth (TheBeatMill)

Well that’s about it for me for this year, I thank you all that came to read and listen, I hope you found something you like. I plan on keeping this going for next year, and would love it if you came back and joined me again.Oh, UME tickets go on sale this saturday at 10am. I’m pretty sure I’m going. So join me maybe? Spring Break 2013. Keep the music going, peace flowing, love spreading, unity connecting, and respect strong. Always remember that you’ll glow in the dark. Thanks.


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