Music Monday Dec. 17th

Meow! Surprise…Yeah I wasn’t supposed to really do one of these until next year, but I’ve just had a RedBull and I figured I might as well. Before I start, if you haven’t already, take a minute of silence for the brave kids and teachers of Sandy Hook.

I hope you’re wearing white/green or something today. I dunno. I don’t really want to talk about that much. My way of dealing with things like that is to drown myself with music. So yeah. Here we go. I’ll try to keep it short…maybe I dunno. I guess I’ll have a Music Monday for you next week too. Probably so. I have no life but the internet.

1. Misfits

Kind of ironic, but I’m not talking about the band Misfits. I mean the actual show has always served as a constant source for great new(and old) music. I’ve complied some of the music from E1-3 and E7-8 , working on 4-6 a little later this week. But if you fancy the show, check out the playlist on Spotify. Also, if you don’t watch Misfits…I don’t know what the world you’re doing with your life.

2. Jay Cosmic 

Found thanks to TheBeatMill. Hailing from the land of Manchester Imagine me saying that in a brit. accent (I’d fail terribly) People call him a kid breaking through in 2013, but honestly, I don’t care how old he is (He’s 18 for those that do care) He’s a great artist and his music makes me happy and that’s all I care about. Great talent no matter what the age is. Check out the remix of Saturn and then his original Jellyfish below. Looking forward to more great things from him.

3. Illustrated

Twitter? I dunno where I found this dude, but I’m glad I did. Just listen to his EP and check out his tracks on soundcloud, including the festive one I’ve included below.  Just simply calming and a great mix of music. Plus, he’s from Texas, so that’s obviously even better. Of course Twitter and Facebook love is appreciated.

4. Modestep 

In case you haven’t seen the video already –

5. Cry Wolf 

I might have mentioned these two lovely guys before, but if I haven’t, forgive me for I have not. Anyway, they just have such a passion for the music that you can hear in the music, and that’s always hard to find sometimes these days. Check ’em out on soundcloud and show some love on the book of faces and on blue bird.

6. One Direction 

Just accept it and move on. This is a joke inclusion because I needed a 6th thing since I don’t like odd numbers.

Meh. late addition

7. Math The Band 

I effectively L O L ‘ed at this.

Dang. now I need an 8th.

8. ZEBRA BUTT! Zammuto

Opening band/guy/person for when I went to see Explosions in the Sky with people back way back when. Really a strange experience with this guy, but the music is kinda catching me a bit…it’s just really out there.Which isn’t that bad.  Check out his soundcloud though, he does some cool, albeit strange, stuff.

Yay. I need more RedBull now. Seriously though, if you’re going to get anyone an energy drink, don’t get them a freaking 5 Hour Energy …. get them a RedBull. It’ll give them wingss and they’ll fly away (if you hate them, then give them 5 Hour Energy) Tomorrow AVA’s and Blink 182’s new albums come out. Can’t wait for those. Oh and if you live in Houston, Here’s a list of some concerts coming up that I might go to.

January –  Black Veil Brides (Seriously thinking about it)
February – The xx, Imagine Dragons
March – Big Gigantic
April – Cloud Gavin

Also, if you’re a Warped Tour person, they announced some band line-ups and I think tickets are on sale now. FPSF tickets are also on an early-bird thing (even though it’s blind-ticket) so yeah. Save money now for latter I guess.

Oh and a huge congrats for these two. And leave it to Joel to propose on Twitter…with a ring that was still actually being made ha. But still. Congrats.

Anywho, Have a great week for those of you still in school and a great start of the real break for those on winter break, and then I dunno what else. Just have a great holiday season. Spread the peace and love. Keep the music flowing. Respect all. Create unity wherever you go.


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