Music Monday Dec. 31st

Last day of the year and it’s on a Monday…how…awesome. Honestly between figuring out my (awesome) new phone and watching the entire series of Merlin, I haven’t had a chance to find much stuff to post. But I woke up at 4am just for this and found a few mashups/end of the year mixes to start off 2013 right (plus some other stuff)

1. Professor Eggman – Like Apollo (Mashup) 

Showed up in my Soundcloud stream yesterday…cool.

2. Tom Swoon – 2012 Yearmix 

It’s that end of the year thing going.

3. Kap Slap – New Year’s Mix

More end of the year…

4. AFSHeeN – Take Me 

5. Chasing Cadence  – Accidents Will Happen 

6. AK9 – Dope & Dope

7. A Story in Motion – See You Next Tuesday 

8. Truth or Consequence 

First EP from the side project from Brooks & Jeremy of Mayday Parade

That’s about all for me. I’d like to thank you all for glancing across my opinions and listening to some of the artists that I consider to be great. I’d much rather be at Lights All Night right now, but alas, I’m home writing this and enjoying the company of Twitter and Tumblr and Merlin. Before I head off, I thought I would skimp out and just post something else instead of this, but I chose not to. A friend of mine, whose musical taste I admire tweeted out his Top 10 EDM songs of 2012, if you feel like listening to more, check them out at by clicking the cat picture below. Yay Cats.

Have a great New Years, I’ll see you in 2013.


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