Tryton’s Top 10 EDM of 2012

Tryton Tweeted out his Top 10 EDM Songs of this year… Since I’m lame enough to blog (He says tumblr is lame, I can only assume he thinks WordPress is too), I thought I’d be nice and actually put them in a format that can be read and listened to. Excuse me if I get the links wrong.

10. Knife Party – Sleaze“It’s just got this grove mannnn”

9. Tiesto – Pair of Dice“It sounds so classic but it also blends that new sound to it.”

8. Flosstradamus MajorLazer- Original Don Remix“Everybody’s first trap song it’s just so perf”

7. Killthenoise – Roots“The jungle sound just makes me jizz plus the screechy synth is cool as fuck yo.”

No Sound Cloud link. Enjoy YouTube.

6. Tommy Trash – Laid dadi remix“Great tune great vocals great build up great song”

5. FireBeatz – Dear New York“Songs baller what can I say”

4. Tjr – Ode to Oi“This song is the definition of house music”

Leave it to Tryton to wait until the last day of the year (Even though I had to ask for it)

3. Zedd – Clarity 

2. Dadalife – Feed the Dada

1. Axwell – In my mind




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