Music Monday – January 7th 2013

Yay New Year…I’m guessing that a lot of people’s winter breaks are slowly coming to end (Mine doesn’t until the 14th) I hope that you’ve had a restful break filled with friends, family, sharing, and of course music. Oh and fireworks too. Because fireworks are sweet. You should go check out both Blink182 and Angels and Airwaves’ new EPs. I did more than I normally do for Music Monday, something that I hope to work on more in detail this year as a creative project or what not. Probably going to put together something at the end of the year. As always, to find out anymore about any artist listed, just click one of the embedded links to that site and there’s more info there. Also, remember that I’m no musical expert. I like what I listen to and that’s what I write about. The technicalities of music are something I don’t know and won’t know. Everything here is my opinion and nothing else. But without further ado, let the music commence.

Bagheera Sounds

Starting a bit more local, I came across this name while browsing around the site of Winter Street Studios, they’ll be there for the Houston Press’ Artopia which I wish I was going to. The name alone is intriguing, but the sound is even more so.  The creation of a man who lives right here in the city I call home; Bagheera is the child of Aidan Kennedy’s genius mind. The sounds of house, chill, and even a little disco are put together in pure brilliance. Just so calm yet infused with the jam-packed goodness that you can’t just help but to dance along to and not care who’s watching. I hope I get to hear this live someday.

Poor Pilate

Staying local here, another Artopia artist; Poor Pilate has the mix of pretty much everything. It’s just a super energetic silly beat kind of sound that I found myself swayin’, rockin’ and just feeling really giddy about. Check out the album below, well worth the listen.

Bang Bangz

Last local one. I mean do I really need to say much? Bang Bangz? The name says it all. I’ve been listening to music all day (I’m writing this on saturday) and I can’t seem to get this out of my head. Surely that’s a good thing. Check em out.


Just pure sweet sweet house. I had a hard time picking which song to highlight. So I went with one that got me moving and woke me up enough to start writing all of this today ha. Be sure to drop by SoundCloud too.


One of the duos that you (or at least I) know is sure to be up there someday, heck they pretty much already are. Just an awesome everything, be sure to swing by their SoundCloud for free sounds and take a listen to We Come Running remix. (Personal favorite)

The Icarus Account

I really love Twitter. I really really do. I mean I wouldn’t find half of this music if I wasn’t on twitter. The Icarus Account is the duo of twin brothers Ty & Trey Turner. Thankfully, one of them (Tyler) somehow started following me, and I can’t thank him enough. Pretty much singer/songwriter type music if you like to have genres but I just know it’s a great music with sweet lyrics. Check’em out.

Live like a Warrior  (Gatzby remix)

Live Like a Warrior is already a great song with great lyrics. Gatzby’s remix is just more powerful to me. But that’s not the only great remix this 19 year old from Sweden has, from NE-YO to Nervo & HookNSling, check out the soundcloud for more remixes. I’m just hoping for more.


I seriously think I should just move to Chicago…I mean seriously. Good stuff coming from out of that area. “One day I installed Ableton. I’ve not since slept.” reads the soundcloud bio. And it seems it’s true, picked up by, Ennui’s (Nick Keenan’s) sweet remix of Mutrix ft. Charity Vance’s Come Alive is quite impressive, but I’m more impressed with this original.


Another name I hope to be seeing again. I mean I really can’t say much other than just listen. House is always my first pick when it comes to edm. Always will be. Consider Getting Lost is just that, only I didn’t consider. I did get lost. Lost in the beat. Point for being cheesy  Check. But seriously really nice beat, as are the the other tracks on soundcloud.


If you’ve hung out with me, you know that one of the places I like going to is Jus’Mac (An awesome mac&cheese place for all you not in Houston) Normally I don’t pay attention to the music much, but today I took notice of the song below. Mostly because it just wouldn’t get out of my ear. Which is a great thing. Just listen to it. And then check out the Diplo & Lunice remix of it. Because I liked that one too. Yeah I know it’s about 3 years old, but good music doesn’t fade.

Dakota Bradley

Didn’t I tell you I love Twitter, huge ups to Sir Bradley (No he’s not really a knight, calm your horses) for giving me a follow on twitter. He’s a blieber, and that’s always something I admire, so of course I had to check out his music. What I found was a cover How To Love (among others) That absolutely surprised me. This man has a great voice/talent and the surprise at the end of the video does a great deal to show that. (Ha that horses thing was funny…no? okay.)

Polish Ambassador

I’m sure someone has to have mentioned him to me before. I don’t remember. He followed me on Twitter though. That was a nice and welcoming surprise. He’s (David Sugalski) is giving away 10 hours of music for free. 10 hours of purely awesome sounds…for free. I found all of this music, just the hour that I’ve listened to it rather to be quite refreshing. It’s hard to find music with soul these days. At least to me it is. Check out the remix of Explosions’ in the Sky’s Your Hand in Mine And the rest of the stuff on soundcloud. Links to the free download are also there on SC.


That’s all for me, to you people going back to school, have a great time. Educate yourselves because we don’t have educated leaders anymore (ahem cough congress cough) Oh, and if you’re looking for a movie to watch, check out Parked (2010). It’s hard to find online these days, but worth the search. And this is probably the only long post of the year…I think. I hope. It was way too much work, but I loved every second of it.

Note: I try to write about music that I think has soul to it, all of the artists I’ve mentioned above fall under that in my opinion. What you think is your own choice.

Lookie it’s a Sea Lion I saw at the Zoo yesterday 🙂 So fun.

This is me promoting sites you need to check out and no they’re not giving me anything so don’t be afraid to click the links.

Folk Pop Music – Self Explanatory I think. Pretty great music. – Awesome EDM site that’s going to have great things coming out later this month.

Distelfink Apparel – New clothing company that’s about launch soon hopefully. Really awesome designs.



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