Music Monday – January 14th 2013

Meow. I start classes today. So while you’re reading this, take pleasure in the fact that I’m in a classroom learning something. I don’t know what. It’s either sign language, sociology, or humanities. I’m excited to get back into the hang of things.  Winter breaks always bore more. Anwyay, enough about my life, over to the music.

Look, I’m a college kid, most of the time I don’t have money to spare to buy music, so I’ll stream it. Aka thank goodness for Spotify and such. I’m trying to stay way from pirating or whatnot this year, so I’d like to highlight another site that I like to get music from. Coincidentally, all of the artists for today are on this site. Meet –

“A great record is its own best marketing tool. Thousands of dollars in promotion can’t accomplish what one great record can, especially if it’s set free to roam around and connect with the right people.”

Great music. For Free. And completely legal. You can also leave a monetary tip for the artist if you so wish.

There’s an entire range of genres and styles. The one bad side is that I can’t embed the stuff directly from Noisetrade because, like I said I don’t have the money to pay for an actual website and WordPress won’t let me embed iFrames. Just take a browse for yourself though. And they’ve also got a 28 track mixtape for grabs on their Facebook. Just gotta give them some love in the form of a “like” Without further ado these are my picks for this week. Be sure to click on the album images to go to the NoiseTrade download.




“We’re a band you like” I don’t like you Scientist. I love you. I love your pop rock warped in electronic sound and I just like the feeling you give me in general. Special about these guys? They’re from Texas. Goodness knows I can’t resist local artists. (I consider the state to be local okay?) Take a listen for yourself. I’m hoping they’ll be coming to Houston soon, because their shows are quite interactive from what I’ve heard. Keep it nerdy guys.


Future of Forestry


This is the type of music that I like to call “earthy” I don’t really think you can put into any type of genre. Hailing from the sunny side of California (San Diego to be exact) Eric Owyoung, frontman/songwriter considers himself to be more of a conductor rather than in a band. And listening to it the music, makes me feel like I’m a theater, so I that’s quite fitting.


Modo Stare


Modo Stare is the electronic / alternative project started by Jon Headley. It’s a infusion of great lyrics and just a sweet sweet electronic medleys and beats and such and such. Basically it’s just awesome. They’re listed as being for fans of M83, Passion Pit, and Foster the People, but honestly, they’re much more than those. It’s a unique sound that might sound familiar, but listen close, and you’ll hear the heart of their own style. 


Bright Lights


Electronic project of sound designer and music producer Jon Parfitt, there’s so much more than just one style here, from the gritty to the melodies to the tracks that just make you get up and dance, Parfitt has created his own sound that sticks in your head and begs to be listened to over and over again. I normally hate vocals on some electronic tracks, but his fit in quite well.


The rest of these are albums/artists that I think are worth checking out too.
I’m just far too tired to write anymore. (Do check out Paper Route for sure though)


Paper Route

Sarah Duet

Oh. I don’t like odd numbers’s a 8th music thing.


Just another Twitter find. Thanks to him for the follow.  Really sweet sounds.

That’s all for me. I’m sorry I didn’t write more about each of the three above, I’ve got my first day of classes and I kinda should be asleep by now. If you’re interested in my life, then you can read further, but if you’re not, I hope you enjoyed the music. Please support the amazing artists and someone get me a Scientist shirt please? Have a great week!


This the my life part of the post today…it’s not much. Just telling you what’s what the in the swagtastic (more like boring) world of me. Like I said, I start classes today so that should be enjoyable. Well mostly. I’m on campus from 7:30am to 9:20pm Monday and Wednesday and then from 7:30am to 3:30pm Friday. No classes Tuesday or Thursday though, so that makes up for it. I’m also taking Music Fundamentals this semester, so expect me to be using big fancy music words in these posts soon enough. Kidding of course.  I’ll probably post more about my first week later this weekend. If you’re not already following me on Twitter, I encourage you to do so. My tweets should be on the left sidebar so just click there. Anywho. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you more than you know.


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