Music Monday – January 21st 2013

I’m horridly late on typing all of this up and sucks but then again I don’t really think anyone cares much, but I care so I’ll still stress about writing it up before 6pm (the deadline I have set for myself) Anyway, I probably won’t do a whole lot of writing for these. But they’re all really great and I’m quite happy with finding them. Here goes. Enjoy!

Lowercase Noises

Here’s what Andy says – “I try to play the guitar as slow as possible. This is my music. Thank you for listening.” It’s slow, gentle, chill, and he need not thank me. I thank him. Great instrumental stuff. Makes me feel connected or like in rhythm with earth kinda stuff.

Jameson Elder

Probably the best kind of album I’ve heard in a while…goes from one end of the genre spectrum to the next. It’s pretty much an awesome journey really. Ps. The album is also on Noisetrade if you wanna check it out there. Just search his name.

Summertime’s End

Musical candy for the sweet-toothed; think Owl City meets Relient K… in Australia

For This Cycle

Just really chill acoustic/instrumental type music. Click above to check it out on Noisetrade.

Broken Anchor

Sweet indie stuff with big time noise kinda feel. But still awesome to the ears.

Luke Potter

I’m not a huge fan of pop(ish) music most of the time…but Luke has a great voice and it’s quite bueno. The video was muy bueno aussi. (that means “very good also” for those of you who don’t speak spanish/french) Also a great remix is on his soundcloud, take a listen after the video.

Felix Cartel

I think I’ve featured him before, since he kept me up with his No Sleep thing a while ago, but this is a pretty awesome remix of The Killer’s Mass Atomic. Check it out.

That’s it for me. I know it’s short and not really though out, but I’m too tired and I have a boring 4-day weekend in which I play to get as much stuff done as early as possible. And so I am. Not really. But sleep is nice.

Oh! Till Apparel has this wicked awesome shirt that I really wish I had (but I’m kinda broke from spending money on concert tickets, so maybe someone will buy it for me, haha) But anyway, here’s a photo of the shirt and what it is. Till is all about supporting the local artists and just loving music. Be sure to click the shirt and check out their stuff and artists.

Music is integral to life. The rhythm moves you. The lyrics speak to you. The melodies soothe you. The harmonies inspire you. How can this power be truly harnessed or packaged? The music lives within you. It’s created by you, inspired by you, projected by you. But the music industry is tearing this sacred existence apart at the seams; removing the art from the artist, the life from that which defines life. How can a body truly exist without a soul? Impossible.There exists within all of us the capacity for greatness. For many musicians the music they create is the very greatness they seek to achieve. But they are soon surrounded by entities full of greed and their own visions for greatness atop the shoulders of these giants they took no responsibility in producing. Where is the justice? When did the music stop being synonymous with freedom and become just another means to an end? The tides need to change. We, the true music lovers, are many. The greedy are few. The time for revolution is now. Individually, we accomplish little, but as a family we will prevail and bring the music industry back to its golden roots in an era long past, when the music was king. These artists, these conjurers of emotion, deserve far more than they get. Their future truly is in our hands and we are charged with its honorable stewardship. It’s time for a new era in music with you as the forerunner. Fight for this revolution with all you have within yourself for music is one of this world’s last truly expressive art forms not excessively hindered by social constructs and the status quo. Take the freedom you take for granted and show the world you are of a higher caliber. Lead by example and be the movement. Stay true to your roots and live the Local Love life.”



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