Music Monday – January 28th 2013

I’m writing this as I wait for my Sign Language class…I honestly completely forgot to write all of this up yesterday. Darn it. I need to set reminders. Anyway, here’s the music/artists/etc. Be sure to read towards the end as I’ve dumped some info about some cool stuff (I think it’s cool) there. Woohoo. Hope you’re having a better day then I am.

The Cape Race

A really sweet sounding rock band from Manchester. Composed of David, Matt, Scott, Jonny, and Adam. The uniqueness of the voice is probably the what stands out to me. They’re yet another reason why I would love to move to the UK. Give ’em some love on Facebook, and they’ll give you 2 tracks.

Peter Hollens

This guy has a powerful booming voice that to me sounds really smooth and calming at the same time. I had a hard time picking a cover to highlight, but this really shows his talent well.


Another great rock band. Love the vocals on from these guys too. The upbeat quality makes it fun and exciting to listen to. Again, another reason I want to move.

Dear City Lights

Reminds me of Owl City (which was my first concert) But… E.J. Snock sounds a lot better…and has his own unique vocal quality that’s really just a perfect fit for the beats.

The Gallery

Just really chill sound. Seriously made my morning a bit brighter listening to them again before class. Nice vocal quality (Seems to be the trend for these picks today)

Daft Punk

Yep. Them. The duos not going to be at Coachella…but they will be releasing a new album later in spring, which hopefully means a tour. Which would be awesome. That’s all for this. I’m sure you all know by now.

Art Outside

I stumbled across Art Outside after David posted something about Transformational Festivals. This is what Art Outside is –

And I’m going this year. Because. Who wouldn’t want to go. Plus it’s near by. Yep.

Oh. And I don’t know I posted this before…but it’s worth putting up again. Interesting mix of cultures and music. And before you ask, no I don’t know what the other part of it means.


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