Music Monday – February 11th 2013

Howdy, first, I apologize to anyone that actually reads the mess of words about music that I write every monday. I didn’t write last monday. I apologize for leaving you without my stupidness. I was just too tired. But! I am here today. And yeah. I’ll try to make up for it. Kickin’ off today with a few new things and then kicking it over to a review of The XX and Austra concert this past Saturday.

Hold Your Own 

A powerful rock band from south New Jersey. These 5 guys have quite a future ahead of themselves if you do ask me…which you didn’t but I still told you anyway. I did mention “Powerful Rock”. That’s more than just rock, to me it’s rock that is really rock at it’s core. If that means something to you, then great, if not…well I suggest you just take a listen and find out for yourself what they’re all about.

Number One Champs

CALIFORNIA! YEAH. I love California, but that’s not the only reason this name is on this list. They’re an awesome pop-punk group with lyrics that make sense and aren’t stupid. Check’em out on Sound Cloud below.

Ian Thomson 

He’s a singer, a songwriter, he’s a guitarist, and his voice is quite amazing. Oh, and his tweets are funny too. Part of the duo that makes up The Law of Attraction band. I’ll just let him speak for himself though…rather sing for himself? I dunno. This dude is going places.

Anchors Away

Another pop-punk/hardcore band. I’m in that kind of rock/punk music type feel since Fall Out Boy returned. But anyway. When a band writes a song titled “Snapbacks are for Squares” you know they’ve gotta be good, and they are quite  great.


I hadn’t heard of Austra until the The XX show last saturday. Seriously some awesome music and were a huge shocker as an opening act. Just listen. P.S. I came home and danced around to this song because it’s just awesome.

And with that, ends my music for this week (and last week because it was a huge focus on Fall Out Boy, My Bloody Valentine and getting ready for concert season. Speaking of concert season, I kicked it off last saturday with a trip to the House of Blues. The same place where I went to my first concert (Owl City, Mat Kearney, Unwed Sailor) kinda of perfect to start off the season with a great venue. Despite the wait…got there at 6ish…still 40 people head of me…I hate waiting. It was an awesome show to kick off the next 3/4 months with.

I knew Austra was opening…what I didn’t know was how amazing their music sounded live. Let me just say that there was plenty of bass going around that shook the entire place. It was kind of hard to hear Katie Stelmanis at times, it was that feeling of not being able to hear exactly and yet still have a a great mix of sounds going around was just perfectly enchanting. You could also tell that they were enjoying themselves up on stage. The amount of interactivity with the audience wasn’t through actual physical  but mainly through the music. (as it should kinda be). I would have enjoyed it much more if there wasn’t a group of prick middle or high school kids acting like…well pricks up towards the front. (If you don’t like the band then shutup, but don’t make fun of them) I guess you’d label it one of those indietronica type of genres, but like I said, to those around me, and myself, we couldn’t think of a better opening show. The XX and Austra back to back are literally perfect together. Yeah Oliver, Jamie and Romy were supposed to be “The headlining” show, but it felt more like they were just both there in sync.

That’s not to say that The XX wasn’t amazing or amazing(er). This was the first time for the trio to be in Houston, and before I even talk about the music, can I just say that I don’t know if it was just because I kept staring at Romy most of the time (What? Can’t blame me now can you? ) but the look in all of their eyes was one I will never forget. Especially the look that Romy had when she was looking up at the balcony and back down to the GA. That’s the look you have when you’re purely enjoying yourself and proud of what you’ve done. That’s what lets you know that the artist is there as a human and not just some money making machine for a record company. I can’t talk about the music…it was just chillingly amazing. I admittedly hated everything on their first album expect Intro. Which thankfully was one of the songs on the setlist. I recorded it, but the bass is just wayy too powerful for anything else to make sense. But most of the songs were from Coexist so I was just in state of awe. That and  Romy and Oliver were in constantly in a state of ying and yang with each other but at the same time just in sync with Jamie. I dunno. It was just great stage presence.

Audience itself was pretty awesome too. No pushing…aside from one occasion behind me that was quickly resolved…of course there was weed…actually it was two people right in front of me. But that didn’t last long…they had other places to be I guess. Meet some random drunk people afterwards and helped them, rather we helped each other find the way into the parking garage ha.

All in all a great start to concert season. I can’t wait to see Austra again sometime, preferably in more intimate setting like The Studio at Warehouse Live. (which is by far my favorite venue)

P.s. to the idiots in line behind me …. not everything EDM is “Dubstep” Get yourself an education in music will you?

Anyway…here’s a picture.


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