Music Monday – February 25th 2013

I’m sorry. I missed last week’s again. I just get too busy with stuff. Not really. I just get tired too easily. I guess I need more iron or something. Red Bull seems to do the trick…Anyway…Couple of things in this edition of Music Monday. I’ll start out with a few new bands/artists and such, then a concert review on VTA’s show last saturday…or was it friday? I can’t remember. But anyway. Yeah. I’ll also be making a plea to anyone that wants to join me for Art Outside later this year. Because I don’t want to go alone. Oh and to Big Gigantic this Friday, because I have an extra ticket now. YAY! LEEGOO! (is that how you say it? I never know)

Kimchi Shreds

Apparently was at Art Outside last year. It’s glitchy-atmospheric-kinda-vibe style is immensely relaxing and it’s what I’m listening to right now as I type this. I guess you could say I’m a big fan of local artists now. Check out the soundCloud for a bunch of other sweetly southing tracks.

The ACBs

As someone with OCD, I hate the name of this band. Not really. It just annoys me. But I’ve gotten over it. I don’t have much to say that the music can’t say for its self.  Be Professional is my favorite track off the Sonta Rosa album. Which in honor of their upcoming sophomore album is up for grabs on various platforms. Show ’em some love. And tell them how annoyed you are by the name…but not really. Ha.

Remedy Drive

Infectious indie rock. What can be better? Seriously. What can? David’s vocals are amazing. The songs have a message and it’s just one of those albums that makes you want to get up and just rock the world out of wherever the world you are in whatever time of the world you’re in. YEAH. That’s how much it rocks. (in my humble opinion of course) Their videos are pretty sweet too.


I kinda wish I lived in Austin. Then again, I’d go broke going to concerts every single day. Which isn’t all that bad if you ask me. But I like eating and all. Why Austin? Because that’s where this 4-piece alt rock wonder of a band is from. I’ll tell you honestly. I fell in love within seconds of hearing Begging You Alive. Paper Ghost (The video which you’re about to watch) is quite amazing and there’s just a chill that runs through you. Musically, these guys are gifted. But they don’t need me to tell them that. They’re amazing and they know it. I’m just eternally happy that they’re sharing their music with us. If you’re emotional, do yourself a favor and have a tissue or two ready.

Safe Ship & The King Said

They’re two entirely different bands but share one thing in common: he goes by the name of Nathaniel Mack and hails from the lands of Northern Ireland. If I’m not mistaken, it’s Belfast. Nathaniel is the bassist for both bands and I wouldn’t have know about either or without BBC Introducing with Jen&Ally. Safe Ship is more of a punk rock whereas The King Said is more alt. rock. I enjoyed hearing Comet Chaser today quite a lot. It’s just so simple yet complex. One of those lovely tracks that you just get used and want to listen to over and over again. Check out both bands below. I’ll let the music speak for its self. (again)


What do you get when you mix two people with great musically talented mind together in a group? Hint hint…it’s not a trick question or anything. You get an amazing musical duo like Trouvere. Check out their intro below and music on their site. It’s just candy canes and sweets and La La Love all the way. (That was their first single ha) By the way, these two are the Twitter pick of the week 🙂

Searching for Sincerity

I don’t know why I didn’t expect screamo when I saw the band name…I just didn’t. But I’m glad I clicked it. New band that’s up and coming and has a quite a bit of talent. My suggestion? Don’t do covers. I really didn’t like the Scream cover (its on youtube if you wanna check it out. I did however like the original debut of Speak For Yourself. That’s what caught my attention more.

The Sound of Cities

Twitter find of last week…a week later. Sorry :/ Electronic band with a great flair and nice roots. Poppy. I have no clue what that means but that’s how I’m describing them because it sounds awesome and they’re awesome and this is just too awesome for me to say anything else because I am off to dance to this for a bit. Even though I can’t dance. Well…if you find that video of me, you’ll say otherwise…not really. Ha. Seriously though. Pretty sick sounds.

VTA – Versus the Ascent (Show Review)

I don’t know how I’ve managed to live and not gone to a single show. I mean I went to school with these guys. (I’ve wanted to say that about a band/artist for the longest time)

Check out this music video (Also filmed/edited by people I know) and then read my show review if you’d like.


Artist: VTA
Venue: Fitzgerald’s (First time) 
Show/Tour: IndieRocks

First a little blurb about the venue. I’ve heard of Fitz’s for the longest time and I’ve never really been. I wasn’t really expecting much. Okay. Yes I was. I was expecting a little bit more than what I saw. Sound and lighting was nice. I think the only thing that bugged me was organization. There wasn’t that line in the front and etc. type of thing that I’m used to at other places. Then again, Fitz’s is a smaller venue and as the night went on it was pretty great to see the place filled with great locals. (Even the 50-60 something year olds that just kept rocking) Overall, it’s not a House of Blues, but I’d never want it to be like that anyway. Excited to get to go back for another show later next week.

Indie Rocks was a series of local bands. (You’re probably saying duh…) I don’t remember the names of the people before VTA. I wasn’t that excited about them. Sorry. I’ve missed every chance to see them in the past and this was going to be awesome. And boy was it. These guys have passion. And that’s something you can see. That’s what is actually in their eyes right before they get on stage and are all pumped up. That’s what comes out when you get the energy from Jorge (Drummer) or Raul (Guitarist) or JD (Bassist) or Israel (Vocals). That’s what I like to see. Overall it was a great show. I loved the songs. Even though they didn’t play my favorite one. (It’s okay. Next time.) My major issues where sound and group cohesion. They all individually had the energy I mean for goodness sake JD is a a giant and he was jumping all over the stage (mind you it was a small stage)…it was just all over the place, but it wasn’t coming together well. I like to see bands interact with each other on stage. and the crowd at the same time. That’s what gets a crowd going in my opinion. Secondly, Israel’s voice was being drowned out at times and it was hard to hear the words. I like words. I like writing words. (duh) I like hearing words. I’d like to know words. This could have just been the house sound system. But in the end it was a great show and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I can’t wait for the next one.

Art Outside

Please go with me. I beg of you. Oct. 18-20. Early Bird tickets are on sale. I mean come on … how much fun does this look like?!  

Big Gigantic

I have an extra ticket for this friday’s show. Wanna go? Lemme know. Seriously.

THAT’S IT. Here’s a picture of an astronaut doing a (almost) backflip in an empty warehouse. YEAH!


P.s. I’m going to the Fall Out Boy Show. ARE YOU!?

I’m also going to FPSF and Man Overboard/TSSF and Slightly Stoopid and Dillion Francis. ARE YOU?! You should say hi if you are. Do it! 


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