Music Monday – March 4th 2013

Can I just say that I love concerts? Seriously the best thing in the world. OHMYGAWWD Best thing. This is me after going to probably the best show that I’ve ever been to last friday. A review will be posted at the bottom of this post. With that said, new music for this week will be kept relatively short. Hopefully. Dunno yet.

Just in case you care, aside from concerts, life for me is just normal. So yeah. Go follow me on Twitter or whatever. Yep. Currently listening to Jen&Ally on BBCR1. Just in case you were wondering what I write to. (Bet you weren’t)

Podcast/Twitter Pick of the Week
Get Cubs

I really really really really want to just move to the UK. Forget this. There’s just too  many bands and artists that are based there that aren’t out and about touring the world. Yet. Hopefully these guys from Burton-on-Trent will be making their way around here soon or else I’ll just have to go there, because quite frankly, I’m in love with their music. The musicalinternasphere (what I call the world of music/internet) sees the potential for this band, and trust me. They’ve got more than just potential. The rich indie sound with vibrant and upbeat electronic sounds just flows perfectly together with the lyrics and vocals. You can listen to the entire To The Mountains EP on Soundcloud, or right below ha.

Lowercase Nosies

Andy was a part of my MM late January and has recently released a new album since the birth of his son, Blake, just a few days ago. It’s 5 amazing chill and just perfect tracks written for Blake, that are just simply beautiful. Congrats to Andy!

Aural Method

Speaking of Andy, a huge thanks to him for having Aural Method and the two others after this in his recommended music. Small world, Aural Method is Matt Kidd’s solo project, and guess what…he’s in no other than wonderful Houston. Local Love goes out big time. An amazingly chill post-rock/ambient sound that’s playing  in my ears right now and I couldn’t be happier and more chill than I am now. Please do go check it out.

The Echelon Effect

I’m still trying to figure out what Echelon means. I would go Google it…but I’m too lazy. I’m serious about moving to the UK. I will do it. Mostly for the music. Seriously. Just listen. 


Another one of those where I just say go listen and love. Because if you’re like me, you will and it’ll change your mood and you’ll just be really chill this entire week before Spring Break starts and then you can go party it up and then come back and chill again.


I’ve noticed that I haven’t been throwing much of the edm back into my MMs so I was quite glad to find out about Nate, I’m pretty sure it was on Twitter…maybe? I dunno. But anyway great feel and an infectious beat that gets you up and moving. As a proper dance track should. Can’t wait for more.

Ryan Dishen

I guess I couldn’t stay away from the indie too long, edm hasn’t popped up in a while to surprise me or anything. Ryan voice is just so calming and awesome and the sound is just perfect for listening to.

That’s all for new music today, down below is a full concert review for Big Gigantic’s show this past friday. Yay. Keep the music flowing.

Big Gigantic
W/ HeRobust & Psymbionic
At House of Blues

Hands down the best concert that I have been to date. Seriously. Lighting. Sound. Everything. Even the crowd (which I’m highly picky about) was on the higher end of shows.

Before I even go any further – here’s a mix of some clips I recorded…I was in the front row, so sound is horrid, but just the entire staging and lights and everything was perfectly designed.

We’ll start off with Psymbionic, now I love chill stuff, so he was excellent to start off with. I somewhat felt that it wasn’t really fitting with two other sets that would be high-energy, but it flowed along quite well. My issue during his set was the crowd. Now we (Nick and I) had gotten there really early, early enough to go get dinner downstairs and be playing “I spy” for the next two hours, so we were first in and it was relatively a small crowd by the time Psymbionic was on. Trouble was…they were the teens that didn’t know what the heck they were doing and wouldn’t know respect if it was pushed down their throats. In my book, you better turn yourself around to the front, at least some what move your head along to the music. Don’t stand 10 feet away in your own little crowd. That’s all I ask.

Speaking of the crowd, I wasn’t feeling it during the first hour of the show. They were teens that were there because goodness knows what reason. If you’re going to a concert, don’t just go because you can. Go because you respect the music and love it for what it is. That’s all I have to say. Luckily for me, my attitude towards the crowd that came in later changed and they proved some important things to me.

Psymbionic finished off his set and thus came Hayden (HeRobust). I was actually really looking forward to this, despite knowing that he was known for the trap/dub  genre. I honestly only knew two or three of the mixes he had done before, lucky for me, Internet Friends was one that I really loved. For the most part, this is where the party got started. He really does an excellent job and getting people moving. Sadly, I don’t think many people know what to do with trap music…it was weird because normally there’s some type of unison in hand movements, but as soon as Internet Friends hit, that pretty much all gone and it was just loose randomness. I guess in a way that’s what trap does? Who knows. I surely don’t. He really did turn the place up though. I think his set was way too short though. Guess time does really fly.

I’d like to point out that HeRobust and Psymbionic didn’t use the same lighting set up that Big G did, that’s probably a duhh kind of thing, but even using only one row of lights was strange.

And then came the waiting. I actually lost track of how long it took for Jeremy (Who I think had his birthday that day) and Dominic to come out, but it was pretty darn long. Long enough for me to turn around and finally notice the how packed the place was. I had overheard the staff talking about how they weren’t letting people into the balcony for this show, but I’m guessing tickets sold out because the place was packed. One of the staff also came up and asked if it was our first time seeing Big G, (it wasn’t, but it won’t be the last either ha), and then pointed out that the huge things in front of us were massive LED Monitors and pointed out the massiveness of the lighting and how bright it was. I was very happy at the moment to be there in that place and time. One of those wow I’m really here moments. More waiting and then finally Dominic comes out and says something and boom the music starts.

As Nick pointed out earlier, you wouldn’t expect a sax, drums, drums and massive dub beats to fit together, but they did. And they did in a massive way. They truly live up to their name. The rest is just history now. I did love singing along to this – Which, might I add sounds a heck of a lot better live with a bunch of people singing along.

I really don’t know how the world Jeremy manages to keep going on those drums or Dominic on the Sax for that darn long of a set. It’s crazy amazing.

I did mention how my mood about the crowd had changed, simply put it was because of one comment – “I fucking love your spirit” said the tall, grey-shirted, 20 something year old behind me towards the end of the set. I of course repeated the same comment to him, because it was true. Music does a lot of things for people and EDM in particular is supposed to carry on that message of PLUR, which I often viewed as something that has been lost in the american crowds/tours/festivals. Truth is, it is there, just among a certain group of people who really know what it is and feel it. That’s just my opinion though. I’m sure Nick, who was pushed around quite a bit by two guys that were pretty high or drunk or whatever would have something else to say, but yeah.

We ended up leaving before they officially ended their set. It was just too much for my legs and ears and eyes to bear for much longer. It was without a doubt the best show ever. Here’s some photos, click the photo to go to the actual Photoset I can’t wait to see them again. Hopefully for the entire time.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 10.10.32 PM

Next week is Man Overboard and The Story So Far. Music Monday will be posted  on Tuesday because DillPickle is Monday night. I think. So yeah.



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