Music Monday Special – Dillion Francis March 11th 2013

Whether you call him Dill Pickle, Dilly, The Dill, or just Dillion Francis, the 25 year old producer from Los Angeles has made his rise from being a show opener to a show headliner in a relatively short time. He’s also gained a reputation for being one of the most random people in the world along the way. Seriously, have you see what he tweets?

My first time seeing Dillion was when he opened for Nero last year and I’ve been itching to see him since that night.Thankfully the powers that be brought us WURLDTURR. This Monday, March 11th, he made his fifth stop of the tour at Warehouse Live in Houston, just 2 days after being at BUKU festival in New Orleans. Expectations were, needless to say, quite high.

After getting their early, 1/5 hours early and securing a spot up against the fence right in front of the massive subs that would soon be pushing out equally massive amounts of bass, I was hyped. And so was the wide crowd that he attracted. Literally aged 4 to 40, and no that’s not a typo. I meant to write 4. At least that’s how old the girl perched on the man’s shoulders looked to be. Looks like Dillon’s mission of pissing off parents has backfired.  The growth of EDM has meant more of these “All Ages” shows, and that normally means more of a watered down treatment in regards to music played. So I had mixed feelings, mainly more of concern for someone that young. But that’s another story all together.

Unfortunately, that initial hype and excitement went down on a slow slippery slope. I was unaware that Dilly wasn’t coming on until 12am. We, at least I, was forced to endure about 3 and half hours of opening DJs that couldn’t get the crowd hyped, minor technical issues including a mic that didn’t work, a photographer turned into a “DJ” (She ruined a remix of Wonderwall), and a light/sound tech turned into a hype/camera man. Honestly, I had no clue what was going on right around 11pm and just wanted to see Dillion.

Sure enough right around 12, wearing a cat head shirt, out walks the blonde headed man we’d all been waiting for. Known for being a pioneer in the moombathonon genre, his new Suit & Tie remix was met with mixed opinions when it came out, but hearing it live and dancing along with hundreds of others, it was pretty obvious that it’s quite a track. And of course Masta Blasta and Bootleg Fireworks were two of the massive tracks that got people jumping the highest. Overall, his set consisted of a balanced mix of momba, trap, dub, and other remixes, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Tech wise, Warehouse boasts a pleasing sound quality with massive bass, which I’m pretty sure was thanks to sound provider; Aura Systems. Lighting was a bit scarce though, and that left me wanting to see the IDGAFOS set from last year.

Dillion’s set lasted around 90 minutes, after which I was left debating whether not it was worth having to endure the pain of the hours before (It was worth it). I could have just showed up later and not waited that long.

The WURLDTURR continues and the producer/DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee, known as Oliver, will be joining Dillion in our nation’s capitol and for the rest of the tour. For tickets and more information, check out the poster and video below.


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