Music Monday March 18th 2013

It’s been a relaxing and exciting spring break for me. Two concerts that kicked off the week and then getting semi sick by wednesday and just chilling at home. Wrote an article about Dilly’s WURLDTURR. Yeppers. Anyway. I’ve had a backload of artists to check out so I’m here writing this on wednesday night and probably will be for a while. I’m thinking of writing something about how “Everybody and their mother wants to be a DJ” later this week. So yeah.

P.S. if you care about my life – I just applied to become a contributing writer with TheBeatMill. I dunno. I hope I do get to do it, but if I don’t, I’ve still got my Music Monday…so that’s bueno. Thinking of starting to do interviews on these if I can. Anyway…

I got really sick right after I wrote that up there on wednesday and haven’t looked at it till now (Sunday night) Oh well. You only live everyday right?


Goodness knows what I’d be doing without Twitter. There are seriously no limits to the amount of talent you find out about online. Crw†h is one of those. If you’re as confused as I was on how to pronounce the name, it’s quite easy…well kinda, it’s pronounced “Krooth” Have yet to ask what it means. I’m sure he’ll tell me later. Hopefully. (Google could tell me too I guess) Finding a person that stands out is a bit hard now in days in terms of EDM, Crw†h does just that though, he stands out. At least to me. My first listen was the original mix – Global Ravish, a vibrant and suitably electrifying electro house track. It’s an infectious beat that sets the good vibes a-flowing (and the feet moving)

Bryan Garcia

Who doesn’t love a good mix? If you answered no…then just keep scrolling. You’ll find something you like. Hopefully. Either that or you’ll happen to click on this one and be mesmerised and wish you surrounded by a 100 or so of your closest friends (or strangers, I don’t judes) I’m big on mixes, but transitions are things I pick on a lot. I’ve got no complaints here though.

The CO

Three-piece band has a sound that just lifts you into the air and has a strong and commanding presence in any place that you play it. It’s one of those bands that you listen to while you’re outside on a warm summer day and just are thinking about everything and anything. Or a cool winter night inside with a cup of chocolate snuggled up in bed. Take a listen for yourself and try out a 18 track sampler album on their website.

The Vibe UK

Not sure if I was supposed to leave the UK or take out…some bands don’t care, others do. Just a great electronic britpop to lift your mood anytime you need it. I’d say more, but the music speaks more for me than I speak for it.


This has to be one of my favorite music videos of all time, mostly because of the music that goes with it though. I live for music with messages (and all music presents them in a different way. I dunno the rock sound is powerful and just lovely at the same time, and you really feel like you’re in the moment.

The Watermelons UK

STOP IT UK. I can’t take your awesome local music scene for much longer. What I can’t even more is the awesome sound that these guys put out. It’s like magic, it’s sweeter than watermelons in summer. (Get it?) Ha. No seriously though, it’s absolutely amazing. Vocals, bass, drum, everything just goes together so well to form such rich indie vibe and it’s just…ahhh, just listen to it.


What’s up with people and weird names? I guess it’s cool though. It is. ha. Colin produces (in his own words) “electronic stuff mostly” He likes “weird beats and strange sounds” Those weird and strange noises is what I really like about this guy though. Just an awesome dude with great beats, ahem I mean weird beats. I can’t wait to hear the newest Monster EP from him. (Thankfully he’s in the US and not the UK, or else I would have really just bought a plane ticket and left by now)

Doug Artwohl

Doug is my Twitter pick of the week. Found him because I was looking through Aaron Carter’s tweets (I’m going to his concert haha) I just absolutely love his voice.There’s not much that I can say because quite frankly it’s hard to put into words. He’s got places to be, and they’re not small places either. I can’t wait to see him on a bigger stage someplace, but for now, I’ll take an acoustic.


This is something way out there that I’ve never even heard anything close to it. BUT it’s really really really really really great. Artpop and indie pop is different. I’m used to the normal indie, but when you add the flair of pop and fancy insturmetns to it, it really does pop. The duo comes from Copenhagen, Denmark (Exactly 593.51 miles from London mind you)

Liberty Deep Down

Does the world really need another band with 4 guys playing alt-rock with electro-pop and dancy tunes? The answer is pretty much simple. Yes. Yes it does at least they need Nate, Halen, Noah, and Dalton. Pure and simple. The edgy mix of alt and electro-pop is refreshing and energetic enough to get any crowd going (I’m sure there’s a bunch of fan girls already) Both their originals and covers (which I normally hate) are pretty amazing.

That’s all for me, I know that this was pretty much the longest one ever (I think) but it was well worth it. Thanks to all the bands/artists who are out there and make this awesome music for me to blurb about. I’d love the chance to meet each and every single one of you sometime in the future. Just keep chasing the dream.

Side note, why can’t professors tell us to write about this kind of stuff? I wrote almost 1050 words this time. I could do that easily if it were this interesting.

Side side note, I hate that spring break is over and that I was sick for the most of it.

Side side side note, I wish I was at Ultra Music Fest. Kbye.

Here’s a bunch of album covers. Can you spot the doubles? There’s no prize other than I mention you in the next music monday …. so yeah meow. test


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