Music Monday March 18th 2013

It’s been a relaxing and exciting spring break for me. Two concerts that kicked off the week and then getting semi sick by wednesday and just chilling at home. Wrote an article about Dilly’s WURLDTURR. Yeppers. Anyway. I’ve had a backload of artists to check out so I’m here writing this on wednesday night and probably will be for a while. I’m thinking of writing something about how “Everybody and their mother wants to be a DJ” later this week. So yeah.

P.S. if you care about my life – I just applied to become a contributing writer with TheBeatMill. I dunno. I hope I do get to do it, but if I don’t, I’ve still got my Music Monday…so that’s bueno. Thinking of starting to do interviews on these if I can. Anyway…

I got really sick right after I wrote that up there on wednesday and haven’t looked at it till now (Sunday night) Oh well. You only live everyday right?


Goodness knows what I’d be doing without Twitter. There are seriously no limits to the amount of talent you find out about online. Crw†h is one of those. If you’re as confused as I was on how to pronounce the name, it’s quite easy…well kinda, it’s pronounced “Krooth” Have yet to ask what it means. I’m sure he’ll tell me later. Hopefully. (Google could tell me too I guess) Finding a person that stands out is a bit hard now in days in terms of EDM, Crw†h does just that though, he stands out. At least to me. My first listen was the original mix – Global Ravish, a vibrant and suitably electrifying electro house track. It’s an infectious beat that sets the good vibes a-flowing (and the feet moving)

Bryan Garcia

Who doesn’t love a good mix? If you answered no…then just keep scrolling. You’ll find something you like. Hopefully. Either that or you’ll happen to click on this one and be mesmerised and wish you surrounded by a 100 or so of your closest friends (or strangers, I don’t judes) I’m big on mixes, but transitions are things I pick on a lot. I’ve got no complaints here though.

The CO

Three-piece band has a sound that just lifts you into the air and has a strong and commanding presence in any place that you play it. It’s one of those bands that you listen to while you’re outside on a warm summer day and just are thinking about everything and anything. Or a cool winter night inside with a cup of chocolate snuggled up in bed. Take a listen for yourself and try out a 18 track sampler album on their website.

The Vibe UK

Not sure if I was supposed to leave the UK or take out…some bands don’t care, others do. Just a great electronic britpop to lift your mood anytime you need it. I’d say more, but the music speaks more for me than I speak for it.


This has to be one of my favorite music videos of all time, mostly because of the music that goes with it though. I live for music with messages (and all music presents them in a different way. I dunno the rock sound is powerful and just lovely at the same time, and you really feel like you’re in the moment.

The Watermelons UK

STOP IT UK. I can’t take your awesome local music scene for much longer. What I can’t even more is the awesome sound that these guys put out. It’s like magic, it’s sweeter than watermelons in summer. (Get it?) Ha. No seriously though, it’s absolutely amazing. Vocals, bass, drum, everything just goes together so well to form such rich indie vibe and it’s just…ahhh, just listen to it.


What’s up with people and weird names? I guess it’s cool though. It is. ha. Colin produces (in his own words) “electronic stuff mostly” He likes “weird beats and strange sounds” Those weird and strange noises is what I really like about this guy though. Just an awesome dude with great beats, ahem I mean weird beats. I can’t wait to hear the newest Monster EP from him. (Thankfully he’s in the US and not the UK, or else I would have really just bought a plane ticket and left by now)

Doug Artwohl

Doug is my Twitter pick of the week. Found him because I was looking through Aaron Carter’s tweets (I’m going to his concert haha) I just absolutely love his voice.There’s not much that I can say because quite frankly it’s hard to put into words. He’s got places to be, and they’re not small places either. I can’t wait to see him on a bigger stage someplace, but for now, I’ll take an acoustic.


This is something way out there that I’ve never even heard anything close to it. BUT it’s really really really really really great. Artpop and indie pop is different. I’m used to the normal indie, but when you add the flair of pop and fancy insturmetns to it, it really does pop. The duo comes from Copenhagen, Denmark (Exactly 593.51 miles from London mind you)

Liberty Deep Down

Does the world really need another band with 4 guys playing alt-rock with electro-pop and dancy tunes? The answer is pretty much simple. Yes. Yes it does at least they need Nate, Halen, Noah, and Dalton. Pure and simple. The edgy mix of alt and electro-pop is refreshing and energetic enough to get any crowd going (I’m sure there’s a bunch of fan girls already) Both their originals and covers (which I normally hate) are pretty amazing.

That’s all for me, I know that this was pretty much the longest one ever (I think) but it was well worth it. Thanks to all the bands/artists who are out there and make this awesome music for me to blurb about. I’d love the chance to meet each and every single one of you sometime in the future. Just keep chasing the dream.

Side note, why can’t professors tell us to write about this kind of stuff? I wrote almost 1050 words this time. I could do that easily if it were this interesting.

Side side note, I hate that spring break is over and that I was sick for the most of it.

Side side side note, I wish I was at Ultra Music Fest. Kbye.

Here’s a bunch of album covers. Can you spot the doubles? There’s no prize other than I mention you in the next music monday …. so yeah meow. test


Music Monday Special – Dillion Francis March 11th 2013

Whether you call him Dill Pickle, Dilly, The Dill, or just Dillion Francis, the 25 year old producer from Los Angeles has made his rise from being a show opener to a show headliner in a relatively short time. He’s also gained a reputation for being one of the most random people in the world along the way. Seriously, have you see what he tweets?

My first time seeing Dillion was when he opened for Nero last year and I’ve been itching to see him since that night.Thankfully the powers that be brought us WURLDTURR. This Monday, March 11th, he made his fifth stop of the tour at Warehouse Live in Houston, just 2 days after being at BUKU festival in New Orleans. Expectations were, needless to say, quite high.

After getting their early, 1/5 hours early and securing a spot up against the fence right in front of the massive subs that would soon be pushing out equally massive amounts of bass, I was hyped. And so was the wide crowd that he attracted. Literally aged 4 to 40, and no that’s not a typo. I meant to write 4. At least that’s how old the girl perched on the man’s shoulders looked to be. Looks like Dillon’s mission of pissing off parents has backfired.  The growth of EDM has meant more of these “All Ages” shows, and that normally means more of a watered down treatment in regards to music played. So I had mixed feelings, mainly more of concern for someone that young. But that’s another story all together.

Unfortunately, that initial hype and excitement went down on a slow slippery slope. I was unaware that Dilly wasn’t coming on until 12am. We, at least I, was forced to endure about 3 and half hours of opening DJs that couldn’t get the crowd hyped, minor technical issues including a mic that didn’t work, a photographer turned into a “DJ” (She ruined a remix of Wonderwall), and a light/sound tech turned into a hype/camera man. Honestly, I had no clue what was going on right around 11pm and just wanted to see Dillion.

Sure enough right around 12, wearing a cat head shirt, out walks the blonde headed man we’d all been waiting for. Known for being a pioneer in the moombathonon genre, his new Suit & Tie remix was met with mixed opinions when it came out, but hearing it live and dancing along with hundreds of others, it was pretty obvious that it’s quite a track. And of course Masta Blasta and Bootleg Fireworks were two of the massive tracks that got people jumping the highest. Overall, his set consisted of a balanced mix of momba, trap, dub, and other remixes, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Tech wise, Warehouse boasts a pleasing sound quality with massive bass, which I’m pretty sure was thanks to sound provider; Aura Systems. Lighting was a bit scarce though, and that left me wanting to see the IDGAFOS set from last year.

Dillion’s set lasted around 90 minutes, after which I was left debating whether not it was worth having to endure the pain of the hours before (It was worth it). I could have just showed up later and not waited that long.

The WURLDTURR continues and the producer/DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee, known as Oliver, will be joining Dillion in our nation’s capitol and for the rest of the tour. For tickets and more information, check out the poster and video below.

Music Monday – March 4th 2013

Can I just say that I love concerts? Seriously the best thing in the world. OHMYGAWWD Best thing. This is me after going to probably the best show that I’ve ever been to last friday. A review will be posted at the bottom of this post. With that said, new music for this week will be kept relatively short. Hopefully. Dunno yet.

Just in case you care, aside from concerts, life for me is just normal. So yeah. Go follow me on Twitter or whatever. Yep. Currently listening to Jen&Ally on BBCR1. Just in case you were wondering what I write to. (Bet you weren’t)

Podcast/Twitter Pick of the Week
Get Cubs

I really really really really want to just move to the UK. Forget this. There’s just too  many bands and artists that are based there that aren’t out and about touring the world. Yet. Hopefully these guys from Burton-on-Trent will be making their way around here soon or else I’ll just have to go there, because quite frankly, I’m in love with their music. The musicalinternasphere (what I call the world of music/internet) sees the potential for this band, and trust me. They’ve got more than just potential. The rich indie sound with vibrant and upbeat electronic sounds just flows perfectly together with the lyrics and vocals. You can listen to the entire To The Mountains EP on Soundcloud, or right below ha.

Lowercase Nosies

Andy was a part of my MM late January and has recently released a new album since the birth of his son, Blake, just a few days ago. It’s 5 amazing chill and just perfect tracks written for Blake, that are just simply beautiful. Congrats to Andy!

Aural Method

Speaking of Andy, a huge thanks to him for having Aural Method and the two others after this in his recommended music. Small world, Aural Method is Matt Kidd’s solo project, and guess what…he’s in no other than wonderful Houston. Local Love goes out big time. An amazingly chill post-rock/ambient sound that’s playing  in my ears right now and I couldn’t be happier and more chill than I am now. Please do go check it out.

The Echelon Effect

I’m still trying to figure out what Echelon means. I would go Google it…but I’m too lazy. I’m serious about moving to the UK. I will do it. Mostly for the music. Seriously. Just listen. 


Another one of those where I just say go listen and love. Because if you’re like me, you will and it’ll change your mood and you’ll just be really chill this entire week before Spring Break starts and then you can go party it up and then come back and chill again.


I’ve noticed that I haven’t been throwing much of the edm back into my MMs so I was quite glad to find out about Nate, I’m pretty sure it was on Twitter…maybe? I dunno. But anyway great feel and an infectious beat that gets you up and moving. As a proper dance track should. Can’t wait for more.

Ryan Dishen

I guess I couldn’t stay away from the indie too long, edm hasn’t popped up in a while to surprise me or anything. Ryan voice is just so calming and awesome and the sound is just perfect for listening to.

That’s all for new music today, down below is a full concert review for Big Gigantic’s show this past friday. Yay. Keep the music flowing.

Big Gigantic
W/ HeRobust & Psymbionic
At House of Blues

Hands down the best concert that I have been to date. Seriously. Lighting. Sound. Everything. Even the crowd (which I’m highly picky about) was on the higher end of shows.

Before I even go any further – here’s a mix of some clips I recorded…I was in the front row, so sound is horrid, but just the entire staging and lights and everything was perfectly designed.

We’ll start off with Psymbionic, now I love chill stuff, so he was excellent to start off with. I somewhat felt that it wasn’t really fitting with two other sets that would be high-energy, but it flowed along quite well. My issue during his set was the crowd. Now we (Nick and I) had gotten there really early, early enough to go get dinner downstairs and be playing “I spy” for the next two hours, so we were first in and it was relatively a small crowd by the time Psymbionic was on. Trouble was…they were the teens that didn’t know what the heck they were doing and wouldn’t know respect if it was pushed down their throats. In my book, you better turn yourself around to the front, at least some what move your head along to the music. Don’t stand 10 feet away in your own little crowd. That’s all I ask.

Speaking of the crowd, I wasn’t feeling it during the first hour of the show. They were teens that were there because goodness knows what reason. If you’re going to a concert, don’t just go because you can. Go because you respect the music and love it for what it is. That’s all I have to say. Luckily for me, my attitude towards the crowd that came in later changed and they proved some important things to me.

Psymbionic finished off his set and thus came Hayden (HeRobust). I was actually really looking forward to this, despite knowing that he was known for the trap/dub  genre. I honestly only knew two or three of the mixes he had done before, lucky for me, Internet Friends was one that I really loved. For the most part, this is where the party got started. He really does an excellent job and getting people moving. Sadly, I don’t think many people know what to do with trap music…it was weird because normally there’s some type of unison in hand movements, but as soon as Internet Friends hit, that pretty much all gone and it was just loose randomness. I guess in a way that’s what trap does? Who knows. I surely don’t. He really did turn the place up though. I think his set was way too short though. Guess time does really fly.

I’d like to point out that HeRobust and Psymbionic didn’t use the same lighting set up that Big G did, that’s probably a duhh kind of thing, but even using only one row of lights was strange.

And then came the waiting. I actually lost track of how long it took for Jeremy (Who I think had his birthday that day) and Dominic to come out, but it was pretty darn long. Long enough for me to turn around and finally notice the how packed the place was. I had overheard the staff talking about how they weren’t letting people into the balcony for this show, but I’m guessing tickets sold out because the place was packed. One of the staff also came up and asked if it was our first time seeing Big G, (it wasn’t, but it won’t be the last either ha), and then pointed out that the huge things in front of us were massive LED Monitors and pointed out the massiveness of the lighting and how bright it was. I was very happy at the moment to be there in that place and time. One of those wow I’m really here moments. More waiting and then finally Dominic comes out and says something and boom the music starts.

As Nick pointed out earlier, you wouldn’t expect a sax, drums, drums and massive dub beats to fit together, but they did. And they did in a massive way. They truly live up to their name. The rest is just history now. I did love singing along to this – Which, might I add sounds a heck of a lot better live with a bunch of people singing along.

I really don’t know how the world Jeremy manages to keep going on those drums or Dominic on the Sax for that darn long of a set. It’s crazy amazing.

I did mention how my mood about the crowd had changed, simply put it was because of one comment – “I fucking love your spirit” said the tall, grey-shirted, 20 something year old behind me towards the end of the set. I of course repeated the same comment to him, because it was true. Music does a lot of things for people and EDM in particular is supposed to carry on that message of PLUR, which I often viewed as something that has been lost in the american crowds/tours/festivals. Truth is, it is there, just among a certain group of people who really know what it is and feel it. That’s just my opinion though. I’m sure Nick, who was pushed around quite a bit by two guys that were pretty high or drunk or whatever would have something else to say, but yeah.

We ended up leaving before they officially ended their set. It was just too much for my legs and ears and eyes to bear for much longer. It was without a doubt the best show ever. Here’s some photos, click the photo to go to the actual Photoset I can’t wait to see them again. Hopefully for the entire time.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 10.10.32 PM

Next week is Man Overboard and The Story So Far. Music Monday will be posted  on Tuesday because DillPickle is Monday night. I think. So yeah.


Music Monday – February 25th 2013

I’m sorry. I missed last week’s again. I just get too busy with stuff. Not really. I just get tired too easily. I guess I need more iron or something. Red Bull seems to do the trick…Anyway…Couple of things in this edition of Music Monday. I’ll start out with a few new bands/artists and such, then a concert review on VTA’s show last saturday…or was it friday? I can’t remember. But anyway. Yeah. I’ll also be making a plea to anyone that wants to join me for Art Outside later this year. Because I don’t want to go alone. Oh and to Big Gigantic this Friday, because I have an extra ticket now. YAY! LEEGOO! (is that how you say it? I never know)

Kimchi Shreds

Apparently was at Art Outside last year. It’s glitchy-atmospheric-kinda-vibe style is immensely relaxing and it’s what I’m listening to right now as I type this. I guess you could say I’m a big fan of local artists now. Check out the soundCloud for a bunch of other sweetly southing tracks.

The ACBs

As someone with OCD, I hate the name of this band. Not really. It just annoys me. But I’ve gotten over it. I don’t have much to say that the music can’t say for its self.  Be Professional is my favorite track off the Sonta Rosa album. Which in honor of their upcoming sophomore album is up for grabs on various platforms. Show ’em some love. And tell them how annoyed you are by the name…but not really. Ha.

Remedy Drive

Infectious indie rock. What can be better? Seriously. What can? David’s vocals are amazing. The songs have a message and it’s just one of those albums that makes you want to get up and just rock the world out of wherever the world you are in whatever time of the world you’re in. YEAH. That’s how much it rocks. (in my humble opinion of course) Their videos are pretty sweet too.


I kinda wish I lived in Austin. Then again, I’d go broke going to concerts every single day. Which isn’t all that bad if you ask me. But I like eating and all. Why Austin? Because that’s where this 4-piece alt rock wonder of a band is from. I’ll tell you honestly. I fell in love within seconds of hearing Begging You Alive. Paper Ghost (The video which you’re about to watch) is quite amazing and there’s just a chill that runs through you. Musically, these guys are gifted. But they don’t need me to tell them that. They’re amazing and they know it. I’m just eternally happy that they’re sharing their music with us. If you’re emotional, do yourself a favor and have a tissue or two ready.

Safe Ship & The King Said

They’re two entirely different bands but share one thing in common: he goes by the name of Nathaniel Mack and hails from the lands of Northern Ireland. If I’m not mistaken, it’s Belfast. Nathaniel is the bassist for both bands and I wouldn’t have know about either or without BBC Introducing with Jen&Ally. Safe Ship is more of a punk rock whereas The King Said is more alt. rock. I enjoyed hearing Comet Chaser today quite a lot. It’s just so simple yet complex. One of those lovely tracks that you just get used and want to listen to over and over again. Check out both bands below. I’ll let the music speak for its self. (again)


What do you get when you mix two people with great musically talented mind together in a group? Hint hint…it’s not a trick question or anything. You get an amazing musical duo like Trouvere. Check out their intro below and music on their site. It’s just candy canes and sweets and La La Love all the way. (That was their first single ha) By the way, these two are the Twitter pick of the week 🙂

Searching for Sincerity

I don’t know why I didn’t expect screamo when I saw the band name…I just didn’t. But I’m glad I clicked it. New band that’s up and coming and has a quite a bit of talent. My suggestion? Don’t do covers. I really didn’t like the Scream cover (its on youtube if you wanna check it out. I did however like the original debut of Speak For Yourself. That’s what caught my attention more.

The Sound of Cities

Twitter find of last week…a week later. Sorry :/ Electronic band with a great flair and nice roots. Poppy. I have no clue what that means but that’s how I’m describing them because it sounds awesome and they’re awesome and this is just too awesome for me to say anything else because I am off to dance to this for a bit. Even though I can’t dance. Well…if you find that video of me, you’ll say otherwise…not really. Ha. Seriously though. Pretty sick sounds.

VTA – Versus the Ascent (Show Review)

I don’t know how I’ve managed to live and not gone to a single show. I mean I went to school with these guys. (I’ve wanted to say that about a band/artist for the longest time)

Check out this music video (Also filmed/edited by people I know) and then read my show review if you’d like.


Artist: VTA
Venue: Fitzgerald’s (First time) 
Show/Tour: IndieRocks

First a little blurb about the venue. I’ve heard of Fitz’s for the longest time and I’ve never really been. I wasn’t really expecting much. Okay. Yes I was. I was expecting a little bit more than what I saw. Sound and lighting was nice. I think the only thing that bugged me was organization. There wasn’t that line in the front and etc. type of thing that I’m used to at other places. Then again, Fitz’s is a smaller venue and as the night went on it was pretty great to see the place filled with great locals. (Even the 50-60 something year olds that just kept rocking) Overall, it’s not a House of Blues, but I’d never want it to be like that anyway. Excited to get to go back for another show later next week.

Indie Rocks was a series of local bands. (You’re probably saying duh…) I don’t remember the names of the people before VTA. I wasn’t that excited about them. Sorry. I’ve missed every chance to see them in the past and this was going to be awesome. And boy was it. These guys have passion. And that’s something you can see. That’s what is actually in their eyes right before they get on stage and are all pumped up. That’s what comes out when you get the energy from Jorge (Drummer) or Raul (Guitarist) or JD (Bassist) or Israel (Vocals). That’s what I like to see. Overall it was a great show. I loved the songs. Even though they didn’t play my favorite one. (It’s okay. Next time.) My major issues where sound and group cohesion. They all individually had the energy I mean for goodness sake JD is a a giant and he was jumping all over the stage (mind you it was a small stage)…it was just all over the place, but it wasn’t coming together well. I like to see bands interact with each other on stage. and the crowd at the same time. That’s what gets a crowd going in my opinion. Secondly, Israel’s voice was being drowned out at times and it was hard to hear the words. I like words. I like writing words. (duh) I like hearing words. I’d like to know words. This could have just been the house sound system. But in the end it was a great show and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I can’t wait for the next one.

Art Outside

Please go with me. I beg of you. Oct. 18-20. Early Bird tickets are on sale. I mean come on … how much fun does this look like?!  

Big Gigantic

I have an extra ticket for this friday’s show. Wanna go? Lemme know. Seriously.

THAT’S IT. Here’s a picture of an astronaut doing a (almost) backflip in an empty warehouse. YEAH!


P.s. I’m going to the Fall Out Boy Show. ARE YOU!?

I’m also going to FPSF and Man Overboard/TSSF and Slightly Stoopid and Dillion Francis. ARE YOU?! You should say hi if you are. Do it!